Montezuma’s Castle National monument; a loop of information!

A lot of questions arise, as you look at this magnificent structure! And this trail has all the answers on signs that make a 0.4 mile loop!

Nestled in the county of Yavapai, in the city named Camp verde, you will see a very large building on your way to the Montezuma’s Castle National Monument. A casino called Cliff Castle.

After you drive to the Parking lot, park and go in to pay the fee of $10 bucks to both Montezuma and Tuzigoot (you can read my article on Tuzigoot)this will cover up to seven days.

The trail leads you to the castle
All around are signs showing you what the ancient indigenous Sinagua ate, how the people adapted, and how well preserved this monument is preserved!
A painting of the Sinagua Indians , depicting there life by the verde river, farming, making baskets, pottery and the men going out to hunt meat.
Huge Sycamore trees are all around and many other plants!

To the left of the trail is the verde river and many different plants that are food and used as medical properties!

The verde river was beneficial to survive in this area for all indigenous tribes.
When you observe the castle, you will notice many of these alcoves, holes
These were formed by the wind and rain and served as temporary shelter or be used as storage!

As you walk through, you will also notice many small signs showing you all the plants that grow in this area. The people were smart and used earth’s natural resources as means to survive! Archaeologists believe the reason for building the castle so high up is so wild animals or other tribes could not get to them, The Castle has about 20 rooms with 20-30 people living there.

This small building has a diorama of what the castle looks like inside, the button does not work due to kids or just people in general messing with it.
Visitors use to be able to climb up ladders to look inside, but that all stopped. That’s why this diorama was made to get a close up view of the rooms and a glimpse into the life of these people.
Beautiful scenery all around inside this National park

So, you want to know more, you can always visit and learn more! Hours of operation are daily, 8-5 P.M. and this loop is only a 0.4 mile walk! So anyone can come visit it! You can read my article on the Tuzigoot and the Sinagua people as well!

Thank you so much for reading, you can write a review, comment, share and push the follow button to receive more interesting articles as well! Have a great week everyone!!!


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