Thompson Boyce Arboretum; a botanical heaven In the desert

The “Suspension bridge”

For those who want a great scenic and very educational short trail, you must check out this place!!! Not only will you love the peace and tranquillity, but you will find species of cacti and plants, you have never seen before!while walking through the trail, you will come into a building that explains the man behind this place. A man with a great vision named Thompson Boyce!

Thompson Boyce was an American mining engineer, financier, a Prominent Republican, philanthropist and founder of Newmont mining.

Here is a statement from Mr. Boyce. “I have in mind far more than a botanical propagation.I hope to benefit the state & SW. A plant collection will be assembled will be of interest not only to the nature lover and the plant student but which will stress the practical side as well to see if we cannot make the mesas, hillsides and canyons for more productive and of more benefit to mankind. We will bring together and study the plants of the desert countries, find out their uses, and make them available to the people. It is a big job, but we will build here the most beautiful and at the same time, the most beautiful and at the same time, the most useful garden of its kind in the world!”

“The smith building built in 1926
A beautiful area, you can sit and listen to the fountain and drink coffee, while listening to birds singing
There are over 2600 species that grow here. And this walk is only 1.5 miles.
A cacti called Boo jum

This Arboretum is the best and one of the oldest botanical garden west of Mississippi and founded in 1924, standing on 392 acres along Queen creek, under the tall Picketpost Mt. off highway 60, 3 miles west of Superior.

Aloe Rubroviolacea- from the grass tree

As you go down the main trail, you will be astounded in the cactus garden and see some awesome and refreshing sites.

This small lake is so peaceful, there are benches all around where you can sit, take photos and relax!

The trail leads you to Thompson Boyce house.

His house stunning !!!!
A Riperian area is right below his house.
Gorgeous and bright trees are all around the Arboretum!
A place to sit on your way to the end of trail
An orange tree sits outside a very old home.
The suspension bridge leads across
When you head towards parking lot, you will see this Ramada.
Just amazing all around!
When you stand on the suspension bridge, this is view on it!
OThis is such a great place to bring your kids and family!

I highly recommend you coming here, it is absolutely amazing! There are over 5,000 members and it not only breathtakingly beautiful, but a great educational place!!! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to become a subscriber, to get great articles! Share, comment and write reviews! Thanks @


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