San Manuel and the scenic and Primitive roads behind it

Behind the town of San Manuel, is a great escape and beautiful scenery along with cacti and rolling hills!

San Manuel was built in 1953 by Del E.Webb construction company. It’s purpose was to serve the SanManuel mine and mill and smelter complex. Unfortunately, copper prices fell in the late 1990’s.

San Manuel is a gateway into the Arizona trail, zip lining, peppersauce camping, and has a cave As well. If you love to check out caves. Also, Biosphere 2. There is also a OHV rental business in San Manuel.

If you love off-reading, you must try all the different trails near and around San Manuel! There is definitely no shortage of trails out there!!!!

From Salt-N-Pepper, fill up your tank and head S on Veterans memorial street, go all the way down , before it curves left and turn right onto this primitive road !

The scenery is spectacular! You will feel very free out there! And escape all your worries as you see the hills and trails are everywhere!You can go dirt biking or just go OHV! And there are no fees to camp, if you can handle the cold temps in Winter and hot temps in Summer!

You will find plenty of trails out there!
Everywhere you go , is a turn off to a different trail. In Winter you will see the Gailuro Mts. With snow on them, and see Saguaro cacti!

So, if you really want to have a blast, go out to San Manuel,rent an OHV and just drive and explore! Tell them Vanessa with Desertexplorations sent you!

Me out experiencing a trail!!! Have fun and be responsible ! Subscribe and receive interesting articles! Happy holidays and god bless you and yours!

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