The castles of Arizona

This castle Is named “Tovrea at Carrero heights”

This castle is also known as the wedding cake. Built in the 1920’s and in a secluded area of 44 acres. It stands up four stories and is a very popular place for weddings. Tours sell out a month in advance. This castle is in Phoenix and was part of a resort, now part of the parks system. Visitors are allowed to tour the area, you can go inside but are limited to view some of the interior, so if you want to do a real thorough exploration, call this number 1-602-256-2221, and ask about tickets etc, etc.

Next up is the Mystery castle

The Mystery castle was made with love

A sad story, about a dying man named Boyce Luther Gulley. He found out he had Tuberculosis and decided to go to the desert and build this castle for his wife and daughter in the 1920’s. He spent his remaining years building this castle. His wife and daughter had no idea about this and didn’t find out until 1945, after his death and they inherited it! Tours run from October to May.

Camelback Castle

Also known as “Copenhaver”and made from the stone source from the Mtn.

This castle was built in the 1960’s-70’s by a Phoenix orthodontist.They have plans of renovation and will have tours. Looks like a nice place to check out!

El cid castle

Built in 1963-1980

This castle comes with an interesting story behind it. Built in Sunnyslope, Az by Dr. Kenneth E.Hall. The dr. Operated the North mountain hospital and liked to be called “King of Sunnyslope” and his hospital even had a primate zoo! Wow! The castle was meant as a huge bowling alley and recreation area. Sad part is the money used to build it was used from the Medicare fraud, so he had to sell it to settle his malpractice suit. Dr Hall died in 2001 at 80.

The building was bought by theState of Arizona for the Department of Economic security office. It is located in Sunnyslope in Phoenix on the corner of 19th ave and west Cholla Dr.

The Mollahan castle

Sweet !

This castle is used for weddings, parties, vacation retreats, and other social events and is located at 1939 W. Mollohan Dr. in Tucson, az

You can call them at 1-520-878-6467

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