Anasazi: The ancient ones , cannibalism, and the star people

Archaeologists are claiming that these ancient Southwest Indians were involved in cannibalism. They noticed bones in Chaco canyon that the bones and the skulls were cracked open and charred . In at least 50 cases, The archaeologist speak of the Anasazi as violent and that their theory on Cannabilism really was evident due to the charring of the skulls. Stating, the breaks of the bones were distinctive marks used by cutting with sharp and parallel cuts. Also stating the bones were cut the same way as you would cut wild game. This theory is very sensitive to hear about this, and Native Americans find it dehumanizing, which obviously this theory is! But, pre-historic people dates very far back to cannibalism due to starvation and warfares.

The Anasazi were referred as “The ancient ones” and are famous for their Cliff Pueblo’s , baskets and pottery that are highly sought after by high rolling collectors. This ancient civilization started as early as 700-1500 C.E and are descendants to the Pueblo Indians such as Hopi and Zuni. They lived in 20 communities along the Rio grande in New Mexico, and Northern Arizona as well as Colorado and Utah.The biggest question many archaeologist and scientists have is what happened and where did the Anasazi go? Was it due to drought, or wars with other tribes? No one truly knows this question , but scientists speculate poor sanitation, pests, and environmental degradation may have played a part, and are confused about this. The Anasazi were extremely interested in the stars.

Here are a couple of Anasazi petroglyphs

Many people believe that the “star people “ came from the sky and visited them.

More than 7,000 petroglyphs have been catalogued throughout the southwest.

Here are are the cliff Pueblo dwellings names. Cliff Palace-Mesa Verde National park, Canyon de Chelly ,Chaco Canyon, Hovenweed Wupatki National monument(by the way, I am going their soon!)

Also here are a few Anasazi pottery for you to see.

Gorgeous, no wonder these are highly sought after by collectors!

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