Sunset Crater; The volcano in Arizona

Sunset Crater is located North of Flaggstaff. It is the baby of a string of volcanoes related to the nearby San Francisco peaks. It last erupted in 1085.

You may ask, how did they get that year? Well, it was derived through tree rings, and archaeologists and geologists have come up with the eruption around A.D. , when lava flow went out about 2.5 K.M. Northwest.

This landscape is so amazingly beautiful, you can see how black the ground is from the lava that crawled over this land in 1085! It created a blanket of ash..

You can see the partial revegetation of pines and in Spring, flowers will grow out!

This volcano is a cinder cone volcano . Sunset Crater is composed of lava fragments called fragments called Cinders created when molten rock is spewed from a crack in the ground.

Surrounded by the beautiful San Francisco Peaks! A definate place to go, this road trip will take you through with pines and switch over to the painted desert to Wupatki National monument!

Twenty five bucks per carload, free to disabled vets, show V.A card. Open 9-5 P.M. There are many trails to hike, you cannot climb the volcano and this volcano is still considered active but won’t erupt for another 1,000+ years so don’t worry, lol 😂

Yes, I highly recommend you going, it’s drop dead gorgeous and a great road trip into the painted desert!!!!

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