Serene places to go in Arizona

Beautiful Madera canyon

Sometimes, we like to take a break and really reflect on life. And if your a nature lover and a road-trip enthusiast like myself, you just gotta get in the car and drive!

So, I looked up some places where you can go, where there are not a bunch of people, light traffic, and great scenery, especially if your into photography, camping, or hiking. See, it is okay to want to get away, and there is nothing bad about Calmness and peace!

Coal mine canyon

Navajo nation, need permit to hike, very beautiful for photography! This is 16 miles SE Tuba city

Bill Williams River National wildlife Refuge

Closest city is Parker and if your doing a road trip, it’s 25 miles S. Lake Havasu city

Madera Canyon

Open in winter, 20 miles south of Tucson, dogs are allowed on leash!Great trails, benches for sitting. Lots of wildlife and birds to go watch!

East Clear Creek

Located in the Mongolian Rim-Closest town is Winslow. You can hike there, but use common sense, check weather for each place, wear proper clothes, bring plenty of water!

So, these are great places to check out. But please be careful, as I have mentioned, use common sense, if you go alone, make sure someone knows where and what time you will be back. I bring a weapon when I go out to remote places, but most of the time, my husband goes with me! Plus, I have a 9-1-1 button in my car! Always check weather and use necessary precautions. Have a beautiful experience with nature!

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this article and please share! Like, comment and share, also positive reviews welcome, please no rude or vulgar comments! Have a great week! Happy trails!


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