Arizona Psychedellic: Peyote,shrooms, Ketamine; a possible cure for depression, anxiety & addictions

Peyote is a Spanish word from Nahuatl, or Aztec, it means “glisten” or “glistening”

With millions of people in America, many suffer debilitating anguish from mental illness. Only a person with illness can truly understand the hell they go through, some lacking in drive to accomplish there goals.while,Just getting out of bed is a constant struggle. While, The pharmaceutical companies continue to shove pills down the throats of people with illness and profit billions of dollars.But is anti-depressant pills all we have? The topic is very sensitive and I, in no way, am insensitive to the topic of Depression, as I myself suffer from Clinical depression. In this article, I am going to discuss these two Psychedellics and let you decide. Some may not like it, some may!

The definition of Psychedellic is , relating to or denoting drugs, esp LSD, that produces hallucinations and apparent expansion of consciousness. It’s no secret, these drugs have been around, quite a long time! Here in Arizona, these two psychedellics are being heavily researched by Dr’s, scientists, and extremely wise people. Let’s start with Peyote, then move on to “magic shrooms”

Where can you find it? Native to Mexico , SW Texas, primarily in the chihuan desert, in the state of Coahuila, Nuevo León, Tamaulipas. Not grown in Arizona and is illegal to extract the mescaline from it. Although it is illegal, I have found interesting information. One is there is an actual church in Graham county called Peyote way church of god that offers it. No, I am not endorsing it, just stating the research on the internet and finding it! Warning; some trips while taking any Psychedellic can either be enjoyable or be terrifying, make your own wise choice, for yourself and do research on this please. This is your brain, so be smart! I am not telling anyone what to do! The effects are these , nausea-vomiting, increased heart rate, drowsiness, muscle weakness.

There are websites selling peyote seeds, one I found is called Fruggo, where 20 seeds costs $5.95.

It is legal to grow cacti with mescaline, just illegal to extract it! Here are two cacti you can buy online with mescaline. The San Pedro cacti

This cactus has been used during shamanic rituals and has 2.375% mescaline by volume.

Also, another cactus called the Peruvian torch cactus.

Okay, next a psilocybin mushroom is known as a Psychedellic mushroom. Biological genera containing psilocybin, include Copelandia, Gymnopilus, Pluteus and psilocybin. This mushroom gives you the similar affect of LSD-effects start in about 20 mins and can last about 6 hours.

Two studies show thepsychoactive compound can reduce feelings of anxiety and depression in people with advanced cancer.

The John Hopkins University launched a center for Psychedellic Research, with 17 million in donations. They believe psychedellics “reboot” the brain. For example; it is like restarting a computer and the brain chemistry can determine whether someone is healthy or not. Each of these drugs has a psychoactive component that tips a chemical balance to a more therapeutic setting. But this doesn’t mean, that these drugs will work.

Where in Arizona can this “magic” shroom be located?

Unfortunately, These “magic shrooms grow in meadows and woods of subtropics and tropic usually in souls rich in humus. Yet, they are abundant in nature. There are 227 species, 53 in Mexico, 22 in the U.S, and 19 in Canada. You can also grow your own and is pretty easy to do! Look online and you may find books on mushrooms and how to grow your own! Some people eat them in their dinner, some brew in their tea!

Also, check out the only legal Psychedellic drug in America. Used as an anesthetic in the 1960’s for its numbing sensations, it makes you less sensitive to pain while simultaneously inducing a sense of disconnect between mind and body. Now, there is an FDA approved Nasal spray with Ketamine. Please remember to do your own research and know no amount of hope should replace caution, please seek professional help and if you believe in god, seek wisdom from him, take good care of yourselves and believe that you are special and have a lot of love inside!

I hope this information helps you, and I hope you have enjoyed it! Please share with people, this may be a real breakthrough for people suffering, but much more research needs to be done! Do your own research and please subscribe and give a review. No vulgar or cruel comments are allowed! Have a great weekend!


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