Benefits of creosote

Growing up here in the beautiful state of Arizona, I never really paid much attention to the plant Creosote. But, as you grow older, We want to maintain our youth and find more holistic remedies from nature.

I am in the first stages of owning a business named “Rossi Coasters & Candles, L.L. C.. , to me it’s important to find out what people love in a fragrance, so after a great friend told me he liked Creosote after the rain, and others. I am thinking about just doing natural scents from nature and Making it different from other candles! This will take a lot of time building my product and mastering scents. But it will be well worth it in the end!

Now, creosote is all over the desert, and it’s benefits are just awesome! Here are the great things it can do, as well as smell great!People love the smell of this plant after a good rain and I hope to either make my own essential oil or find a finished product that smells exactly or close to it!

It treats stomach pain, fever, cold, flu, treats bacterial and fungal infections, arthritis, lowers cholesterol, treats cancer, multiple treatment, HIV treatment. Wow! This plant is a wonderful plant!

It is drought tolerant and the evergreen shrub up to 2.4 m in height and 1.8 wide.

So, remember when driving by these plants, how great they are and just how useful they truly are!

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