The return of the desert Jaguar

A gorgeous jaguar here in the Arizona desert roaming around in search of food! They love to eat Javelina and others desert creatures

When I think about Jaguars, I think of a gorgeous large cat lying in an emerald jungle! They are my ultimate favorite cat, along with Tigers and I also favor the car as well! But, after reading about them hiding out here in the Sonoran desert, it made me think about them in a whole new light!

Let’s start with the Physical traits this cat has. Adults are between 5 & 8 ft long and weigh between 80-120 lbs , with females at a lower range. The northern jaguar living in the Sonoran desert region of Mexico and SW U.S. tend to be smaller than the S. American counter parts. Both Jaguars and black panthers have ring markings, but you can’t see them on the black panther due to it’s dark pigment.

Jaguars are the most powerful and largest felines found in the Western Hemisphere and are coming down from Mexico. For those who believe they are nocturnal only, this is false, as they are active during the day as well. Their bite is twice as strong as a lion and can easily crush large bones very easily with there powerful jaws. They love the water and are great swimmers, also been known to kill huge anacondas!

The name jaguar comes from the Native American word “Yaguar” which means “to kill with one leap”. In the ancient civilization of the Aztecs, jaguars were considered to be a sign of strength and bestow them as a dominant character in religion, mythology and art.

They were worshipped by the Aztecs and believed to be guardians of their sacred temples, even being named an elite class of warriors called the Jaguar knights!

So, you probably are curious why Jaguars are coming into Arizona? Well, some people speculate the border wall is disrupting the migration of wildlife. And this may be true or not. But so far, from what has been recorded there were a total of three, but one or two were killed by poachers! It is not known if out of those three Jaguars, if they had cubs. But , I hope they did and hope they can live freely and happily without getting killed!

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