Ruby, a gem of a ghost town!

In order to set foot here, a permit is required and must be taken to the caretaker,where you pay the fee.

I recently had the privilege of exploring this genuine ghost town in the Coronado National Forest. It is 500 miles NW of Tucson and 4 miles North of the Mexican border, therefore you will come in contact With many border patrol vehicles pretty much everywhere!

The town sits on three hundred acres and has two lakes, Which are the Ruby and the “Sovako” Lakes.and a total of 46 buildings , some are gone and some are slowly dissipating. Now, I must say this ghost town was quite astonishing and we had a fun time exploring it.

At the turn of the century, mountain men, ranchers and prospectors hit a vein in this region and discovered what was called “Oro blanco” white gold. Thus, bringing miners into Ruby, they worked effortlessly, around the clock. These people had to survive very hard times, as poisonous snakes and scorpions lived there as well. Ruby was considered the largest mining town in which was called the Montana camp”

This picture is placed inside the schoolhouse, these were the miners of the “Montana camp”
Inside schoolhouse
Inside schoolhouse
Look how high up this slide goes, wow! Right outside schoolhouse!

It wasn’t until a company named the Eagle picher lead company bought the patent, that full scale mining happened and the dams were being built. A 17 mile pipeline from the Santa Cruz river across the mountains to Ruby. From 1934-1940, the mine produced over $10,000,000 in lead, zinc, and copper with not as much of gold and silver being extracted. Around 1300 people lived in Ruby. The mercantile opened in the 1880’s and the post office opened in 1910.

A double murder happened here, the owners of the store were killed by bandits who came to rob, seven months later another murder occurred.
What’s left of the mercantile
The signs in front of each building are outside each building with information on each.
The jail, it cost $600 to build out of concrete, very dark inside with no lighting except for sun coming into very small windows during day, and no toilet.
Storage building
Assay building
Inside Assay building
Roof caving in at the Assay building
Ruby lake
This was the building the miners would come get their lunches
This building was used by judges and used as a courthouse
Inside the building, look at the amazing hardwood floors!
The view from the hill, outside the court building
I identified house
When you come here, the caretaker will give you a map to follow and tell you what building is what, we just took our time and walked around.
This is the tailings, where they put the dams
So much sand, I had to sit in it, lol!
The caretakers canoe
The finger/ Sovako lake!

This ghost town is awesome, and I recommend you checking it out sometime! I hope you liked this article and that you subscribe to this site!!!!! Thanks and god bless you!

You can now camp out at Ruby for a small fee! Please like this site and follow our travels and explorations!

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