What happened in Sycamore Canyon off Ruby Rd.,during the Civil war era?The Hank & Yank Bartlett story

Sycamore Canyon in fall is beautiful! What a great trail!
Supposedly the remains of Hank and Yanks homestead, this ranch is near the head of Sycamore canyon, the trail is really awesome!

When I go out exploring, I like to really dive into it with a whole heart. I dig deep into each place and learn everything I can about the geography and the history. So, after exploring Ruby ghost town, And writing about it, I knew that exploring Sycamore Canyon would be interesting as well! See, in most cases there is a history behind the places I go explore, and I will continue to share with my followers! This place has an interesting story and is right up Ruby Rd on Trail #40! This is the story of two brothers employed by General Crook.

Let’s go back in time and learn about these two men. Back in 1869, at the request of Captain Ross, two men , Henry (Hank) and the other Yank (John) Bartlett had come to Arizona and had their own pack train service and joined into Government service. They had gained employment by General Crook. The assignment given to them was to transfer all the materials at Camp Goodwin to Camp Apache. So when Camp Goodman closed, It was then an that point Hank became General Crooks chief of the U.S. Army. For those of you who don’t know what a pack train is, by definition it is a line or succession of a pack of mules or burros used to transport food or supplies over terrain unsuitable for wagons or other vehicles. Sycamore canyon is located in a very remote area off Ruby Rd on the way to Pena Blanca lake, making it a perfect area For a pack train and is , Which by the way, is near the Pajarita mountains, and has over 160 species of birds, for a pack train to travel to. The photo of the large piece of adobe by the tree on Trail #40 was supposedly built by Hank and Yank and used stones mixed in Sonora, Mexico. They even owned a part of Tiger mine. Now, at that time it was during Geronimo’s war when Geronimo in the month of April and his band were heading back to Mexico after attacking the Peck Ranch in the Agua Fria canyon (located in Rio Rico)because of the Peck ranch massacre. It was said that Hank Hewitt and a neighbor were killed by one of Geronimos warriors.

You will see many border patrol out there, but it really is very remote, not to many people out there, but worth the drive! You can also check out Arivaca and Pena Blanca lakes as well! Warsaw canyon and many other great camping spots!

So, now you know about this history lesson linked to trail #40 in Sycamore canyon! Hope you liked it and keep reading my articles! Please share with others and please subscribe, A big Thank you to all of you who have subscribed and follow me! Have a wonderful week and stay safe out there! Check out more articles, my next area of exploration is Peck Canyon, where I will tell you about The Peck family massacre. And explore out there! Also, I will be talking about the adorable and Small ELF owl! Stay tuned for more photos and information on cool places YOU can check out here on Desertexplorations.com


Vanessa Sondgeroth


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