The remote paradise, a look into Gila Box Riperian conservation

Stunning emerald green Fremont cottonwood, willow and Sycamore trees align the Gila River.

A remote place lies here in Arizona, a place away from all the craziness going on nowadays! A place to hear the quiet. Well, it is just the right place to drive through and take in some beautiful scenery! Definitely, a lot of space between people, that’s for sure. I would recommend you go check it out, even bring the family! We pulled off to the first pull off and this is where I took the first photo! And here are many more to share with you!

First, let’s learn some cool history and then I will lead you back to the drive!

Location is 20 miles N.E of Safford in Southern Grahm county. A massive 23,000 acres with wildlife that includes over 200 species of birds. The rock bighorn sheep, mule deer, bobcat, beaver, javelina and The coatimundi (they are adorable!

The coatimundi can be spotted near Bonita creek at the Gila box Riperian conservation! I will write an article on them next!

The Gila box area is frequented by campers, And people who love canoeing!These images are taken at the pull off at Gila box.

A map of the territory

Natives who lived along the Gila River were the Hohokam in 1400 A.D., also Mogollan, and Apaches. There are cliff edwellings there as well!And the good thing is, you don’t need to pay to look for them or be near people to explore!

Built by the ancient Puebloans, look at that view! Wow!

The whole area is full of excitement, as you will have fun on your OHV and hiking, and of course camping!You will also find the monument near the Cottonwood trail. It represents the U.S-Mexican war. About 100 men were brought there by General Stephen Watts Kearney As seen below.

Monument is located close to the Cottonwood trail
At the Serna cabin picnic area, the cabin was originally built by two brothers Simon and Ivaldo Serma. Great area to have picnic and walk the trails! Here is what was found in this area.

Ok, so I took a bunch of pics to share and hope you enjoy! This place is gorgeous and a very good place to go off-roading, camping, camping and exploring!

Each campsite has tables and grills for cooking meals!
There are signs, so you don’t get lost and you can pick where you want to go!

Right now in March, everything is blooming, so it is great for photographers!

I hope you liked this article and please share! You should go and check it out for yourself! Thank you so much and please subscribe! Donations are needed to keep this site going so please donate to my, stay safe out there and Peace to you and yours! Thank you so much!


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