Swansea Ghost town

These are the buildings where the miners slept, they had up to 16 men in one! Like sardines in a can!

So, let’s begin with this ghost towns history. Set in what was the Arizona territory, way far out in the harsh desert in the county of La Paz, stands a copper mine called Swansea. This mining town was founded in 1908. It has an elevation of 1,283 ft and can be accessed by a regular car, but in my advice, an OHV would be the desirable transportation to this destination.

Swansea rd.

Because of the fact it is so remote and isolated, This mine was minimal and was under the Clara gold and copper mining company.

These buildings were the living quarters for the miners
Inside the delapitated building, once held up to 16 men in one!
This building use to be a smelter, The smelters were scarce and it didn’t have enough for the Copper ore and it had to be sent all the way to Swansea in Wales the United Kingdom!
A photo of Wales

It was in 1908, the Arizona and Swansea Railroad joined another town named Signal to the town of Bouse, 25 miles away.

First sent to the Colorado River, en route to Wales. At this ghost town you will see some markers that reveal what buildings once stood there. And you will notice the holes all covered up, as they go down deep, I posted a video on my Facebook channel, that shows some men who actually went down into them! It is quite amazing and I hope you enjoy this article today!

All covered up

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