A very terrifying cactus called Teddy Bear cholla

An enemies worst nightmare

I have lived in the desert all my life and had to deal with a horrific event that I, personally went through! I was walking through the desert exploring when I was twelve. As I walked, a cactus jumped onto my skin, I was in severe shock and pain!

I tugged at it in hopes I could get the dam thing off me, while droplets of blood came out! I ran inside to my mother and the both of us were terrified of this cactus!!!! This cactus is real and many people new to this desert need to know about the “flying and or “jumping cactus” originally known as the Cholla or Teddy Bear cholla, not so soft and cuddly!Hope this information helps all who need to know about it.

Here are a few facts about this flying cacti.

The spines are hooked like a fishing hook and hollow, making them hard as hell to get out.

The strong wind can blow this on you or your pets (Do not take your pet near it!)

The joint attachments are loosely connected, so when someone walk on the soil at the base of the cacti, it can detach and jump on you!

Stay at least 3 to 5 feet away!

Do not try to suck the needles out of your body, the Glochids can embed into your tongue becoming fatal!

These are like weapons, and can be used to deter robbers from getting into your house when placed outside each bedroom! (Just an idea)😂

Do not attempt taking it out without very thick gloves and some tongs, make sure you have extra strength Tylenol and an ice pack !

Please be careful while exploring out in this beautiful desert , there are many critters that can hurt you! I hope you liked this informative article and will help keep this site going by making a donation today! Thank you very much and god bless you! Vanessa


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