Piranhas cousin, the Puca fish is being dumped in Arizona lakes

Creepy Puca fish have human like teeth!

Arizona has some great fish in it’s lakes like the Catfish, Greenback cutthroat trout, bull trout, green sunfish, rainbow trout, large and small mouth bass, yellow bass, white bass, white and black crappie, tiger trout and many more like the Apache trout only found in Arizona and is listed as threatened under the endangered species act.

But an exotic species is being dumped in Arizona lakes and other state lakes! Yes, it’s called the Pacu, and these fish live in South America. They can be easily bought online in exotic pet stores. The problem is, people don’t realize that they can grow up to 2 feet and weigh a hefty amount. The difference between the pirahna and the Pacu is this, piranhas are carnivores, and Pacu are omnivores. Also called the “vegetarian pirahna”

You will know by looking at the teeth. Puca have human like teeth, while pirahna have sharp serrated teeth.

Check out those sharp teeth, hope to never encounter those choppers!

There is one other fish with human looking teeth and it is called the Sheepshead, it is also said to taste good. Now, you ask is the Pacu tasty? I honestly don’t know! If any of you have had it, please tell us your experience.

If these exotic fish keep being dumped in our lakes it will effect our eco-system. These fish are an evasive fish crowding the native species. Arizona wild game and fish would rather you not dump the exotic fish in lakes and ponds and would rather you take them back to the pet store where you bought it.

I hope you like this important information just in case you go fishing and find one of these, you won’t freak out and know you have been informed! Thank you for reading and subscribe, like, share or donate to this business! Every dollar helps to keep it going and any amount really helps! Vanessa-owner of Desertexplorations.com


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