Places in Arizona that would be great to make a horror flick or more!

Growing up in this great state, and exploring all kinds of ghost towns and abandoned places, I have seen some creepy places you wouldn’t expect a lady to go check out! But for me, it gives Me an adrenaline rush, and I know first hand and been to the places where a horror movie could be made! Also, I do love some horror movies around Halloween. So, I will start with Ruby ghost town! I wrote an article and it has a lot of photos I took in that article, go read it! Just imagine being there at night, omg, seriously creepy as f&@$!!!!!

Another place I have been to and actually spent the night was at the Jerome hotel! Just knowing this place use to be a hospital with a lot of death! Although I did not encounter any paranormal activity, I did hear the pipes make a lot of noise! I think a horror or thriller would be great at this location!!!!

Okay now here is a place where satanic rituals happened for real! And I personally went to visit, and it’s called the Casa grande domes! I wrote article about it, you can read and see the photos I took.

During the day it’s not as scary as it would be at night

Another place that’s falling apart is on Route 66 Meteor city. Then you got Swansea way out in the desert! Now that would be a great spot to direct a zombie movie! I got an article with photos of it as well, you will see me standing in the middle of the Swansea buildings!!!! Read article on Swansea ghost town and learn about its history!

The abandoned Seneca lake, on 260 on way to White Mts., I posted a video of it on my site.How about way out in our pine forests???? Two guns would be cool for a horror flick! Where do you think would be a place to make a horror movie? Well let us all hear your ideas please! Arizona is full of places that are creepy! Share yourscary stories with me and The audience! Ok guys, hope you enjoyed this article! Please share and and yes if any of you can, I have a cash app at $desertexpl, so please any amount really helps! Thank you for subscribing to my website and have a great weekend everyone and keep exploring! Regards, Vanessa Rossi-Sondgeroth


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