Cattle mutilations, are aliens to blame?or the governments military?

A mystery still unsolved

Hundreds and hundreds of cows have been mutilated across The U.S..with precision laser cuts, blood drainage, a 37 degree latitude straight across America, where U.F.O sightings have been spotted and reported. The question is why?

Not all researchers and scientists believe the U.F.O theory, some say other animals or could government officials be doing this? Some ranchers have seen black helicopters flying on ranchers properties. In 1996 in Britain 6 million cows were killed due to mad cow disease. But perhaps mad cow is not the reason for these mutilations on the food chain? Each mutillation has precise laser cuts, with the cows eyes, intestines, genitals, tongues and their blood drained !Here are some photos I found.

It looks like someone took a laser device to cut around its whole face and mouth area!
Most recent mutillation found in Oregon

Most recent cow mutilation was in Oregon in September of 2019 by Stephen Roth, at the Roth ranch. The cow was missing her rudder, tongue, genitals, blood heart. Just like thousands of other cattle across this country. This one in Oregon had no bullet holes to it. Stephen stated how scary this was, as he went out to see the cow with his rifle in his hands. The ranches owners are offering a $25,000 reward for information on who or what did this to the cow. They stated “ no other animal could cut around the belly like that” One of the other people had gotten really sick after touching the cow, he was throwing up a lot, but he Managed and got better.

Here in Arizona, a man by the name of John Mahan noticed a missing bull and a pregnant cow was also missing. He states he has seen the remains of a dead cow after vultures, My.Lions, coyotes, but when his cattle was found, they were dismembered. He also stated “I have never seen anything like this and he said “for somebody to come out here and do this is disgusting! “ One thing we have to ask is why are the genitals being removed? There are just so many questions we don’t know, and why are there no tire marks from a car around these mutilated cows?

This is the mutilated cow found here in Arizona by The 66 year old John Mahan

This is a mystery we should be taking more serious and really be looking into. What is your theory? Here at, you can comment, but please no deragotory stAtements and be respectful!

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Vanessa Rossi-Sondgeroth


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