History of the corn husk doll and other things you can use the corn husk for!

I was just thinking about Christmas and Thanksgiving presents and what the people of the old pioneer days gave their kids? I came across these dolls called corn husk dolls! Before the factories and doll companies existed, these must have been a treasure to kids!!! Back in the pioneer days the Native American children taught the pioneer kids .. Legend has it, the reason why the corn husk doll doesn’t have a face comes from an old legend where corn husk dolls dis have faces but one of the dolls got very vain about her face and became greedy, so that is why they turned faceless. Corn husk dolls are also used in a Celtic holiday called Lamas.

I will make a few and sell them in the Rossicoasterscandles.mystore.com, using color dyes to make them very bright!

A Native American corn husk doll.

Every part of the corn was used, The women used the corn husks to braid for rope and twine. Shredded husk were used as kindling and to fill up pillows. The corn silk is used for the dolls hair.

A vibrant Mexican corn husk doll
Another beautiful corn husk doll!

Wow, you can really get creative with these and all you need is corn husks, scissors, glue gun, color dyes and I want to make mine as not only a doll but maybe try soaking the corn husk in dyes but also essential oils to make my home smell good! Ok, I will definitely try this idea!!!! Maybe try using these corn husks in a nice fall or winter wreath! Braid the husks, add some wheat, dried flowers, imagination is running wild! Since Thanksgiving is coming, I may just start making corn husk wreaths and selling them in my store!

I would add some bright colors to this by soaking my corn husks in yellow, orange, maybe add pine cones etc!

The corn dollies are used to protect home and sign of fertility and good luck. I will make both a corn Dollie and a wreath. And archaeologists have found the corn husk dolls in the tombs of Egypt!

So, instead of spending a ton of money, I can use these corn husks and make these as gifts this Christmas!!!! As you know, or may not Christmas is coming up and it is for many of you, the most wonderful time! Let’s all try and stay positive and keep shining!

Thank you for reading this article and I hope you learned something new! Please share my site with others and tell them to subscribe! As always stay safe and many blessings, please write positive reviews for this site everyone!


Vanessa Rossi Sondgeroth


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