Changes are coming, a new exploration of Alaska!

Hey everyone! Great news! We are going to Alaska this spring! So, I will be sharing with all of you ,my new adventure and sharing through Video, and photos! So, we are saying goodbye Desert, hello Pine, salmon fishing, tours And I will be finding ghost towns up there! Who knows maybe We can spot “Big foot” It will be exciting! I will have to come back to Arizona , because my family resides here, so a little of both worlds!!!! So, You will be getting videos of new and exciting places with us, my husband and I. Share, share! Now, as far as my Handmade Rossi coasters & Candles business, I will still be busy and I will not be closing it!

I have lowered my candle prices down to low low costs! I am talking about great fragrances you have to have! Next week, my 16 oz Cinnamon & Vanilla Rossi candles at $13 bucks , no excuses to not get one with low prices! Then comes some fragrances by Brambleberry/ Autumn fig harvest, Blue Spruce and candy cane for the peppermint lovers!!! I will also be making corn husk wreaths for Thanksgiving for your table setting or to just hang on a door! I will be making a DIY video of how I will make my wreaths and share on my Rossi coasters & candles YouTube channel, please remember to subscribe! Thank you all so much for your support and god bless all of you!!!


Vanessa Rossi-Sondgeroth


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