Exploring Mohave county coming soon

Hi everyone, Vanessa here! Hope your all ok and enjoying my articles, feel free to comment and share! To keep this site up, we ask for donations if possible. I want you all to see the places We explore out there but it costs money to keep this site, so any amount is greatly appreciated, just send to my Cashapp Vanessa sondgeroth desertexp

I would be very grateful if you can!

Ok, and if you have problems just email me at Vanessarossisondgeroth@gmail.com

So, next exploration, we are planning to go to Chloride ghost town, and I will take tons of photos to share with all of you! We will see what’s up in Mohave county together! Also, I have a lot of educational articles on other ghost towns if you want to read, besides watching the news!

Thank you and have a safe and happy thanksgiving from us to you, also check out my handmade items in my rossicoasterscandles.myshopify.com!


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