St.Thomas ghost town in Nevada

A dramatic height of water of 60 ft came toppling over this ghost town out in the middle of the desert in the 1930’s. The town of St.Thomas is now exposed to the harsh desert heat and its buildings are now visible. Quite fascinating! It was once a Mormon settlement back in 1865.Once a place for people to stop between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City. If you go to Lake Mead, you may see the remnants of this ghost town !

Go look at the northern part of the park, Overton Arm which goes into Lake Mead, so if your going to Lake Mead, the water is very low right now, you should check it out.

It’s probably real muddy, so be very careful out there!
What a great exploration this will be!!!

At the peak of this town their was up to 500 peaople. The settlers loved the soil for farming. The last resident who eventually left by boat was Hugh Lord in 1938 when the water hit and rose up his door. Can’t imagine the anguish the people of this town went through watching the buildings and houses going under water, sad😢😩😭😭 I want you to see some of the old photos of this town!

This was the Gentry hotel building
The Gentry schoolhouse
Some residents of St.Thomas
The general store
Owners of the house return to see what’s left
People in boats came back to salvage what they could

I would also like to add before the settlers came here, the ancient Pueblo’s s lived here. So, there may also be ancient remnants left from them as well!

This would definately be on my list to explore for sure! I hope you enjoyed this article and happy holidays, please share and subscribe for more great places to explore!


Vanessa Rossi-Sondgeroth


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