The Father of Arizona

His name was Charles Debrille Poston and he was the first Republican delegate to Arizona territory’s U.S House of Representatives back in 1864-65.

Charles Poston

He was an explorer, author, politician and a civil servant who was introduced to Abe Lincoln, where he decided to start lobbying him, Abraham Lincoln and Congress about the Arizona territory. Poston spoke about the Benefits and all the money from minerals to help the Union.

Letter from Charles Poston to Abraham Lincoln

It was on March 12, 1863 when Poston was appointed as a superintendent to the Indian Affairs. It wasn’t to long after, he became delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives. He also managed to settle land claims and establish Indian reservations along the Colorado River. He tried to get re-elected but a man by the name of John Noble Goodwin won.

Poston made register of U.S. land office in Florence, Az from July 1877-89. Poston became interested in an ancient religion of Persia, a pre-islamic religion called Zoroastrianism still practiced to this day. Poston wanted to build a pyramid about 14 ft high in Florence but ran out of funds. In He was called a sun worshipper and managed to travel to Egypt and many places in his younger years, he was definitely a explorer at heart! Here is a Faravahar symbol commonly used to signify Zoroastrianism

Symbol for Zoroastrianism

Poston Butte is a nice hike just west of SR-79 in Florence, Az, just follow the dirt rd to the barbed wire fence, open and you will be able to see his Pyramid tomb, trail is short and a great place to watch the sunset! You can use GPS to locate this place as well under Postons Butte. I am going there tomorrow and will take pics of it.

The back was vandalized. So sad!

Next article will be about pyramids in Arizona.

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