Opium Rose & Watermelon Strawberries n cream scented candles for Valentine’s Day!!!!!

I have been busy decorating both 8 oz and 16 oz tin cans. My watermelon and strawberries n cream tin cans have beautiful decoupaged with neon pink and red glitter sprinkled on them and I made them very glossy!!! If you want a mind soothing and elegant floral scent, Opium Roses is for you! Opium Roses is a pleasant and vey elegant scent to fill a room with. You can buy a 8 oz and see if you like it or not. No worries. But I am pretty sure you will want to try both new scents and switch to a 16 oz!

You will love these sweet scented candles in an 8 oz and a 16 oz!!!

Now, I am going to design the Opium Roses tin cans as well, but I will just surprise you with that!!! I guarantee you will absolutely adore these designed cans and you will definitely love these Rose scented and a hint of the Popular scent of Opium along with it! You can’t go wrong with a fruity scent and a floral scent for Valentine’s guys! I hope you are having a great month so far!!!!And I look forward to introducing my Handmade scented soy candles to everyone! These products are coming soon, so follow me on Instagram under Rossiv2020, Twitter desertexpl1 and of course my Facebook page under Rossi coasters & candles, I do not have a website right now but Will have one in near future guys!! Due to our finances, I am trying to conserve and do what I can to keep this business running for as long as possible😁

Love to all!

Vanessa Rossi-Sondgeroth


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