Pearl Hart, first female stagecoach robber of Arizona!

Pearl Hart had cut her hair short before robbing the stagecoach

I was looking for a place to check out and came upon the Kane springs canyon where I learned about the first female to rob a stagecoach. Her name was Pearl Hart. She was born in Canada and her parents were religious and were focused on giving Pearl a good education, in which she went to boarding school. She met a man named Hart, who became abusive to her. She had two children, but Pearl left them with her mother and became fascinated with the western culture. Becoming infatuated with Buffalo bills Wild West show. She moved again, this time to Colorado. During her twenties she worked as a cook and even as a singer and a prostitute. She moved around a lot, eventually she worked in Mammoth, Az as a cook in a boarding house and may have been operating a tent brothel at the mine. She was always struggling to make ends meet and then she met Joe Boot.

It happened on May 30, 1899, about 30 miles SE of globe near Kane Springs Canyon, along with a man named “Joe Boot”. They rode on the last stagecoach route, Hart carried a 38 revolver and Joe had a colt 45. They stopped the coach and Boot held the 45 at the victims. Hart managed to get $431 bucks. The driver actually had a revolver and Hart took it along with two of the victims guns. After robbing them, the two rode off. The driver went and told Sherriff Truman of Pinal county.

The two were both found sleeping when on June 5th, 1899. Boot raised his arms and surrendered easily, but Hart wasn’t going to jail without a fight.

Pearl sitting in a jail cell at the Yuma territory
Pearl Hart in a white dress, posing for Cosmopolitan
A photo of Pearl at Yuma territory

Her last years, she married a man by the name of George Calvin Bywater , living a peaceful life.

I hope you enjoyed learning about this historical figure and I will be going to Kane springs canyon and share some photos on my Facebook page with you! Have a great week and god bless you!

Vanessa Rossi-Sondgeroth


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