Pena Blanca on a spring Wednesday!

Pena Blanca is a reservoir 18 miles N.W. of Nogales and is in Santa Cruz county. Maintained by the Coronado Natl’ Forest division. This reservoir was made in 1957 by the Arizona game and fish dept.. It used to have a resort but the water had such high mercury contamination from the old mines in the area, it was closed.
Going up Ruby rd!
For $15 bucks a night, you can spend the night at this really cool Ruby ghost towns, I did write an article on this ghost town awhile back!
Pena Blanca lake is a really great place to go walking, there is a path you can take where we saw bright red cardinals, and took our dog up the path that goes all around the lake.
Flowers are blooming next to the lake!
The walking path is pretty smooth and the landscape is gorgeous here!You can walk this path and enjoy the tranquility out there, away from all the craziness going on!!!!
I spotted a lot of turtles in the water, but we did not see deer just a lot of ducks, and birds of all kinds for all you birdwatchers!!!
You will notice the high algae in the lake, I would not swim in it at this time, but you can canoe! Today’s species of fish in this lake are yellow bullhead, black crappie, radeR sunfish. It gets stocked with Rainbow trout from October to March once a month unless water quality is poor and it looked very poor quality right now in April of 2021!
Their are a lot of cows roaming the area, so be careful when walking your dog or dogs!

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