The Belmont mine fire and A plague tragedy that struck Tonopah , NV. is buried next to the Clown motel; Present and past

The cemetery sits next to the clown motel in Tonapah, NV. And Holds a lot of tragic deaths including children who died of the plague. So many young lives cut short May be the reason for paranormal activity. For those who believe.

I recently visited not just Tonopah, NV but Belmont ghost town. Which is not a ghost town because many people live there. Most of the original homes have fallen down except the courthouse, Belmont Courier, Stephanie house,

It is pretty far out, but worth the drive!

Belmont has some interesting history, that I think you will be interested in. The town was founded in 1865, and was rich in silver with a large population of up to 15,000. The Belmont mine is known as the Belmont-Tonopah mine, is located up in the Belmont mountains, a few miles north of Tonopah and 20 miles SW of Wickenberg.

The town of Belmont is seeking donations to do renovations and bring Belmont back to life! because It truly is a spectacular place full of great history !
The Stephanie house, Bed & breakfast
This was the bank in Belmont way back in 1868!
What’s left of the buildings.
Check out the grill on this sweet GMC!

What happened at this mine, happened in 1911 when 17 miners were in this mine when a fire broke out . It was Big Bill Murphy who took action, a real hero who went down in that mine with intent to save lives, but died a hero . You can see the statue of him holding a victim in front of the Post office on the west side of U.S. 95 S..

We stayed the night at the Clown motel, it cost us $109 bucks because we have a dog. Here are the photos I took.

We came in at night, it was pretty crowded already.
Had a great experience, very cozy beds, and they have a huge T.V! I thought it was a great clean and spacious room!

The next day we explored the Tonopah cemetery.

The cemetery also holds not just the miners that died from the fire, but people who died from the Pneumonia and cholera plague that struck in 1905.
One of the miners who died falling from a cage while being heisted from the surface.

The cemetary is huge and also holds a lot of the Plague victims including children.

The owner said after the segment of “ghost adventures” business really picked up and some films were made there recently “Clown Motel” is out if you want to watch it and people who are interested in the paranormal come there.

I loved exploring Belmont, And Tonopah, and you will love it too. A lot to see and learn! I also checked out Goldfield and loved it, that’s for my next article guys!

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