Wyatt Earp’s home; History and Remnants of Goldfield, NV

Goldfield, NV is what I would call creepy and fascinating at the same time. As some of you know I recently took a long trip up 95 North to Oregon, then back down south to Belmont,Tonopah , and also Austin, NV. As well as stopping in at Goldfield, NV!

Goldfield, NV really stood out as almost totally abandoned when we were there. But back in its day , it was a very active and was a real big gold boom town. It was founded in Esmerelda county back in 1902. But it was in 1904 that defined Goldfield, NV as a Boom town. At its peak it had 20,000 people. With three railroads, dozens of saloons, 4 schools, five newspapers, two mining stock exchanges.

Goldfield hotel is one of the largest and most notable “ghost buildings” in the west.
When you go up the steps, you will see this on floor! Quite amazing!
The building is in process of being renovated, they need workers to help restore it.
Pretty huge building!

Virgil Earp was made Sherriff here and Wyatt called this town home. Unfortunately a flood hit and after that a huge fire happened. The fire consumed most of the town. It was never the same. Down below I took more photos of what is still remaining. Please enjoy!

The school educated students from 1907-1952, it cost $107,000 to build it which today is roughly around 2.7 million dollars today.!
They are trying to preserve it, along with the other historic buildings.
A 4wd sits on the side of the road, imagine driving one of these way back then! I do feel like some of these buildings especially the Goldfield hotel is haunted!

I hope you enjoyed this and will follow more interesting places, events and interesting historical facts here on Desertexplorations.com

Next upcoming trip is to Santa Barbara, Ca , we escape this heat to relax on beach, sightsee and watch fireworks! Hope you can join us and have a great weekend! Please like and subscribe,share with people!


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