No reason to go to Los Angeles, it’s trashy!

After going to the beautiful city of Santa Barbara, also known as the “American Riviera”, and watching the Fourth of July fireworks that I Videotaped just for you guys, we headed out to Los Angeles thinking it would be exciting! I have always wanted to check out Sunset Blvd and the Hollywood stars “walk of fame” out on Sunset blvd. Let me tell you, there’s quite a difference from Santa Barbara and L.A! While driving up Sunset blvd, you can actually smell the stench of Urine!

It’s quite sad, to see all the homeless people living on the bridges, so the governor of Los Angeles is doing a bad job of cleaning up the streets.. I don’t know much about Governor Newsom, but just by driving around Los Angeles, there needs to be something done. I know a lot of people are homeless in California. Wtf happened? I use to love it in California!

And yes, we went up the Hollywood hills where the houses are all gorgeous and pristine. But below that Hollywood sign is not as we imagine and it sure isn’t what it used to be, unfortunately, Here, I share the photos I took . I am showing you the good and the bad of Los Angeles. Now, you can decide for yourself if you want to visit or live in Los Angeles, I am humble and blessed to live in Arizona, and so grateful to be where I am now.

Beautiful up in the Hollywood hills!
Fun going up! Sad going down!
Then below Hollywood, are people living in tents on bridges!

Over populated, rich get richer, poor get neglected, very very sad! So, there you have it, The California I knew back in the 80’s and 90’s is gone. It’s the sad truth but it is what it is!

Hope you enjoyed this article and please share and follow our travels!!!! Next article on Desertexplorations is about Chiricahua, Pinery canyon and Portal, a great scenic drive to check out!

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Vanessa Rossi-Sondgeroth


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