Survival mode; preparing for the worst

As I watch the news, and Biden’s mental instability getting worse, I have to think, Who the hell is in control of our country? A president is supposed to have full mental clarity for crying out loud! We have enemies who are laughing at us, calling us weak because this guy can’t remember where he is, let alone run this country! For some, pretending this is ok? What?!!! People are getting fired for not getting this vaccine, unless you want to get the jab! Nope, not me! I have great antibodies and am blessed, truly humble!

Do you really think hackers won’t take our grid out? Come on people, Food shortages will come and are you prepared or are you one who says “oh, it’s all okay!” Wake up, wake up NOW! On these next articles, I am going do my best to help you get what you need without spending all your money you don’t have! We will start at buying at the Dollar tree or family dollar store! What can you get at this store to help you survive? All of us living here in the desert know the first thing to make a priority is water! Putting a large barrel under your Rain gutter To collect the monsoon rain water is a great idea! rain water, first clean it by boiling it or purify it) with a chemical some kind of filtration system.or just stock up on bottled water. But we really need to do something with the plastic bottles , like collect rain water in them!besides throwing them in our garbage! Every time you have extra cash, buy water and canned goods, look for sales on tuna, or buy bags of rice, beans, lentils ( lentils are such a great power food to have, full of nutrients!The dollar store is soooo great, from Led lights, batteries, flashlights, lighters, a bunch of canned goods and vegetable seeds ( to start your own garden) very wise to start today or ASAP! Stock up on personal hygiene products now( yes, get that toilet paper or baby wipes, aspirin is a must because it clear up blood clots that cause strokes and heart attacks. I had a stroke awhile back, and after the Dr. gave me aspirin, and other medicine, my brain had to heal because of the clot in my brain, I was lucky I didn’t die! Stock up on vitamins, especially if you suffer from depression, get B-9, B-12 etc, have insomnia, start stocking up on melatonin now, without sleep, we can’t get shit done! If we run out of meds for different mental illnesses, it will be hell, do your research now on what supplements you can take now to help if shtf! This is extremely important ! We have plenty of deer, rabbits, Turkey, snake to eat if it got to that point, even the ground squirrel will give you the protein you need when SHTF! Or just get your chicken coop ready, have fresh eggs, get some livestock!if you can, get solar panels!On the next article, we will discuss the high crime rates going on now and what to do to protect your homestead when criminals come on your property to steal. What are the laws concerning defense?

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it! Do your research and always Think ahead, like my Italian mother tells me “ Now that’s thinking ahead!”please subscribe and be a member! Share and maybe get some ideas to share!!!! God bless and keep you safe!


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