A walk along Parker Canyon lake, through photos along 83!

Want a peaceful hike, but not a crowd? A place of wondrous beauty and solitude? With trees, water, ducks and fall foliage? The water is low, but Parker Canyon lake is open to rent boats and fish. You can still go out on this lake and have fun! We went yesterday and it is so beautiful with the sun rays hitting the water!

So beautiful!
The drive to Parker Canyon lake never gets old because you can always spot different landscapes and fully enjoy them along 83, through Canelo.
Along the walking path, you will see beautiful fall foliage reminding us what season we are in.
The path is a thin line, but it is a great walk to take your family or dogs, just as always be care of the rocks that stick up out of dirt!
Plenty of shade!

I hope you enjoyed these photos, and consider a good hike through Parker Canyon Lake, it really is such a beautiful and peaceful place!

Next exploration will be Agua Caliente Ghost town, a completely abandoned area. I will also write about the history of this place including the abandoned ranch/resort and the buildings still standing out in Maricopa county!have a beautiful day!

Peace out!

Vanessa Rossi-Sondgeroth


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