The history behind the Agua Caliente resort

Built in 1867, King S. Woolsey owned this place in 1897. This ranch has 22 rooms and the pool was fed by the hot springs, which is across this resort behind a gate. Travelers came in from the Butterfield Overland Route back in the 1860s It is quite large and most impressive. There are caretakers but it is not in uses and closed back in the 1950’s

Before European settlers came here, this place had Tonto Apache Indians soaking in the hot springs. Rumor has it that a Mormon family was tragically massacred by the Yavapai Indians. It was The Oatman family that was traveling on the Gila trail-Southern Emigrant Route that happened 26 miles west of Gila bend.The western Yavapai Indians kidnapped the The two girls, Olive and Mary and Lorenzo of the Oatman family and held them hostage, Lorenzo, was killed by being thrown off an embankment by the Indians. This story is extremely popular as many books and articles are written on this massacre.Now, .back to this resort. Due to the Indians, the people used dynamite to protect them. Unfortunately, the hot springs water dried up from the farmers using this water. The town has many delapitated buildings along Agua Caliente rd., while the Gila river runs dry now. This is a great place to explore if you wish.

King S. Woolsey , today he would be considered a racist and a villain due to the fact he killed Apache women and children. You can research him if you want.

You can also visit this cemetery out there, and check out all the old buildings. There are many historic buildings out there, you will also find Hyder, Az which is also a ghost town and the WW2 camp Hyder out there!

Another empty building out by the Agua Caliente resort

I hope you enjoyed this article and maybe you will take a drive out there. Thank you for taking time to read this. Please continue reading articles right here on! This whole area is quite interesting to explore if your looking for something new!


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Vanessa Sondgeroth

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