The Coronado trail scenic byway A.K.A, Devils highway has tons of twists and turns for thrill seeking people!

Standing at an elevation of over 9,370 ft up, The Blue Vista pullover has an extremely narrow , no shoulder dirt road. This road has extremely sharp curves, with no shoulders, but a lot of beautiful scenery. 123 miles and 460 turns! Not many travelers on this road, making it basically your own raceway.A man named Francisco Vasquez Coronado came and explored it in 1540 on his quest for gold and known as one of the least traveled roads.

You guys, I was only planning for us to go to Alpine, Az., but the hubby decided to just keep going and going. I was clueless about the road set before us! A drive through the White Mountains quickly turned into a high adrenaline rush ride! We were going South, down into Morenci.I love a good scare once in awhile and I love exploring new places but This road had me absolutely terrified at times!I definitely don’t recommend this for people who are terrified of heights or people who have a pacemaker! Especially nervous and paranoid drivers!🤣But others may really love it!

This lodge is named Hannagan Meadows lodge and it has great reviews, about the food and its whole rustic appeal.It’s a great getaway from all the bad news about inflation pain etc!
At the Blue Vista pull off, you will see such breathtaking views! This post says “To those devoid of imagination a blank place on the map is a useless waste ,to others the money at valuable part. If you are looking for lodging and gas, you will find it at the Hannagan Meadow lodge, and gas is also available there. It has a rustic cabin appeal and a great getaway for family or for a romantic stay!
We are going down, this is definitely a very long lasting drive!
We decided to go check this out, but did not go very deep. Check out all the fall foliage! This is the Juan Miller campground, Blue river.
Although it is very pretty, there are signs stating this road is very primitive and dangerous. We didn’t stay very long.
Going down into Morenci
Right before you enter into the Morenci Mining area, these rock formations remind me of a castle sculpted out of the red rocks.
This mine is GIGANTIC!

After you drive down 191,you will travel through another great historic mining town, Clifton. So much great history and so much breathtaking beauty!

Historic Clifton buildings and houses still standing!

So there you have it my experience on traveling down the Coronado trail scenic byway a.k.a (191, 666, devils highway)Hope you enjoyed it and Have a blessed Thanksgiving, stay safe out there and happy exploring and bugging out!Thanks so much for supporting this site, please like, and share!

Love to all of you,

Vanessa Sondgeroth


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