Off-road trail 143 to Patagonia and the ghost town of Alto

The ghost town of Alto was founded by the Spanish Jesuits back in 1690 along with Salero ghost town which is located a few miles SE on the Salero Ranch. Alto was part of the Tyndall mining district. If you decide to go, please don’t throw your litter around this area or spray paint on this historic building!

While off-roading on trail 143, you will love the beautiful panaramic views all around. This trail is in the Santa Cruz county is 25.7 miles of light traffic. I recommend a high clearance vehicle to go on this off-road trail. The only set back is that it is a state trust land and a lot of it is cut off with gates and barbed wire. This trail will lead you into the Alto ghost town that has only one remaining building. It will remind you of Stonehedge, but It was once The Home and post office that belonged to Josiah & Minnie Bond.This post office was opened in 1907 . They used a room in the house as a post office. The post office was closed in 1933.Below is an old photo of Josiah & Minnie Bond with their children.

This building belonged to Josiah and his wife, Minnie Bond. She was the very first postmaster in American history!She was also a schoolteacher. She was struck by lightening near this post office, killing her and her horse in 1922. Mr. Bond lived to the age of 86.
Minnie Bond

Close up shot of the Adobe wall

It is an amazing landscape off the 143 , and I can’t wait til Spring to see the flowers blooming out there!
Closed off .

I honestly loved this off-road trail and recommend it, just make sure your in a High clearance vehicle because there are very rocky, steep inclines up and down. And some sharp curves. Be careful and always bring water and food etc. when going out. And always tell someone where your going !

Hope you enjoyed this article, and the photos! FYI, I make handmade candles, and lighted photo frames along with other resin gifts at, wishing everyone a great Valentine’s Day! Please don’t make rude comments on my site, I won’t tolerate it and I will block anyone who is rude!

Vanessa Somdgeroth


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