Lovebirds for life; the Rosey faced lovebird(Genus Agapernis)

Native to the rainforests of Africa & Madagascar, these brightly colored parrots are quite fascinating!! And they love Phoenix and Scottsdale!

There are 9 species of lovebirds and 8 are found all across Africa. The grey headed lovebird or also know as-the Agapornis Canus

They are endemic to Madagascar, the only lovebird on the Island. Some have Orange, yellow, gray, black or red on there neck & head. They have very strong and sharp beaks.

These parrots make their homes in holes in trees, rocks, shrubs and Arizona’s Saguaro cactus. The (A.rosicollis) is very social, and flock together with others. They are herbivores and eat seeds, fruits and berries. If you want to see them, put sunflower seeds around, because they really love the seeds.

Researchers have studied them and have found they can actually move their heads extremely fast at up to 270 degrees per second at the speed of 2700 degrees per second, the fastest animal movements recorded!

Another interesting fact is the males will dance and sing to win over a female! That is so sweet! Would love to see that on video! They have extremely strong bonds and are often cleaning and feeding each other. These birds are monogamous and will stay with there mate up to 15 years for life! Wow!

They are great pets and will bond with humans due to their small size, beautiful bright colored feathers and are known as extremely affectionate to humans.

Hope you enjoyed this, stay tuned for more gorgeous birds found in Arizona. We will be learning interesting facts about different native birds!


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