Exploring an abandoned ghost town called ”Old Glory” off Ruby road.

Remains of the stamp mill

I drank a few cups of coffee and headed out in my jeep. I had no idea what I would find off of Ruby Rd. and so I proceeded to California gulch. I absoluteley fell in love with the Montana Peak! You can tell the whole area had a rich and interesting history. And my heart was pounding hard with such excitement!
This mining town started in 1875, by the Derre-Townsend Syndicate of Arivaca.It was part of the Oro Blanca mining district. It is about 2 miles SW of the forest Rd. 217.

Right here in the overflowing brush and weeds once stood ”Old Glory”
This building used to be the stamp millng plant and considered to be the best in Arizona.
This is an old photo of what it once looked like and it even had a 850 ft. steel rail inclined tram that went down this hill. The owners had a 20ft thick by 38 ft. high and 125 ft long dam that held 12 million gallons of water, but as we all know Arizona doesnt get much rain! This town also had a dormitory and an office, both 20×40 ft.. one of the employees that worked there , named John Shanahan was murdered by Apaches . Poor guy just got paid and went to see his friend John (Yank) Bartlett, was killed on his way home. Since the mining process was so expensive back then and the people were saying the cows were licking the tailings in the pan amalgamators for the salt content and were ingesting alot of gold. I heard there is a cemetary around there and I want to find what remains of the dam and get some more photos to share with you guys! I will be back to explore more and share what I found, if anything!

Thanks for reading this, let me know what you think ok!There is more history to learn about off Ruby Rd and I hope to explore more out by Arivaca and the Lake area!

God bless!

Vanessa Rossi-Sondgeroth

explorer @ artist of rossicandles.com!


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