Driving through Crown king and up Senator highway

“Landscapes off the Senator highway”

An escape from the Arizona heat was just what we needed, and the Bradshaw mts. was a perfect escapade. Driving up the Crown king road reminded me of the tycoon Frank Murphy who created the railroad that once went up and down this road, it was called the “impossible railroad” from the Crown King mine.

Going up Crown King road was a n exciting drive that would eventually lead us to Crown king at an elevation of 5,771.

Crown king was once the top mining town in the Bradshaw Mountains

This saloon in Crown king was built in Oro Bella back in the 1890’s. Oro Bella is just one of the many ghostowns in the Bradshaw mts. Here is a list of ghost towns.

Alexandra, Arizona city, Big bug, Bradshaw city, Briggs, Briggs, Brooklyn mining camp,Bueno, Bueno has the Triangle M Ranch

  • This is a photo I found of the Triangle M Ranch in Bueno
  • I found this map to the ghost town called Constellation, for any explorer wanting to check it out!

Here is an image of ”Cowtown” ghost town on south side of Bradshaw mountain, to bad its on private property.

copperopolis, Codes,Desoto,Ft.Misery, Ft.Whipple. Gilbert, Gillette,Goldbar, Maxton Senator mine, Middleton,Minehaha flat, Octave,Oro Bella, Packer, Palace station, Pickerell, Placerita, Poland, Providence,Richinbar, Sanders,Sharlot Hall, Stanton, Stoddard,Swillings cabin, Tip Top, Tussock Springs, Union, Venezia, Vulcan, Walker, Wagoner, WalnutGrove, Weaver.
Now we come to some of the photos I took while going offroading up Senator highway!

After the long trip, we headed back home, when we spotted the beautiful rainbow and the sun going down. The Senator highway is an exciting dirt road for high clearance vehicles only, just dont drive it after heavy rainfall. it is a perfect escape from the heat and as you can see, just spectacular views all around! I hope you enjoyed this article! please like Desertexplorations.com and subscribe for more informative articles on great destinations in Arizona! Thank you very much for keeping your comments clean and not rude. I look forward to hearing from you!


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