Saving Camp Naco, and the history behind it!

These buildings have been standing for a hundred years, a very important piece of Arizona’s history!

Camp Naco is a registered historical landmark in Naco, Az, also referred as Ft. Newell ghost town, needs donations to preserve it!

It’s astonishing to think that such a small town on the border has such a fascinating history! Let’s just call it Ft.Newell, also called Camp Naco! This place was a military post on the outskirts of Naco, Arizona. Subsequent to Pancho Villa’s raid on Columbus, N.M. In 1916.

Ft.Newell was used by the U.S. Army during the expeditions against Pancho Villa

Pancho villa was like a Robin Hood to the poor peasants. He would steal from the rich and give to the poor. He was The only foreigner that invaded and attacked and killed inside the U.S. Border.

The battle of Naco was the battle of the Mexican revolution between Constitutionalist forces & Mexican govt. in 1913.

A photo of the Battle at Naco, rebel forces under General Alvaro Obregon defeated the Mexican army and captured Naco.

The battle of Naco was the longest battle of war with 119 days of combat. The buffalo soldiers, were African-American men came and fought at Naco. They really fought hard!

Buffalo soldiers fought in the Battle of Naco, here is a photo of them at the Ft.

The barracks at Fr. Newell

Unfortunately illegal aliens are crossing over to the historic site and had set fire to one of the buildings. It is now inside a very long gate that encircles this beautiful historic landmark. Donations are always needed to fix the buildings .

These buildings are made of adobe and have been here since the early 1900’s

Naco is the only place in the U.S history to have been bombed by someone (Patrick Murphy, Irish man) employed by a foreign power! This bombing destroyed a Dodge truck and also hit the store back in 1929!

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The history behind Copper creek ghost town

A photo of Copper creek when it was a town with 50 buildings and up to 500 people living there.

It started in the 1880’s when a man named E. R.Sibley, established the town to serve the mining company named Bunker Hill mining district. Copper creek is situated 3,993 ft above sea level and ten miles east Mammoth on a rocky dirt road deep inside the Gailuro Mts. Even A short line railroad was built there to haul ore 2 miles from the mine to the mill.

An old photo shows what’s left of the town’s castle, called The Sibley mansion/castle

The Sibley mansion had a second story balcony, many fireplaces, plastered and paper walls. Built Spanish style of quarried granite walls-adobe-cross walls. The patio had many fruit trees surrounding it. I can only imagine how beautiful it must have been!

The town once had many cafe’s, even a theatre and grocery stores, not to mention the Sibley mansion! This mansion, or castle was built to engage investors interested in backing the mining operations there.

The Copper creek town opened a post office on March 6, 1907 and ended August 31, 1942.

I found these other photo’s off the internet!

These people found this wayyyyy back! After I do my exploration, I will update everyone on what’s left!
The old general store!
I took this one!Most recent photo in October of 2019, so are the photos below all new!
A building once stood here!

I would love to explore further and share my recent findings with you soon!

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Haunted places in Arizona!

Let’s face it, Arizona has hundreds of abandoned ghost towns, and deaths that have happened throughout it’s history! So, I have done my research very well on this topic. Now not all of you are keen on haunted places, but a lot of us are really curious about the “what if?” Me, Personally, I don’t scare very easy and am fascinated by it!

Okay, let’s start off with Tombstone! This place is considered as one of America’s most haunted. Here are the hotspots.

Bird Cage Theatre, Crystal Palace Saloon, Lorain motel, now guests do say, while at the Lorain motel, They report that things go missing and then are found later in the same spot they left it! Also, they claim a ghost of a man with a white beard walking around. Next, the Buford house bed & breakfast, built in 1880. This house has had Hollywood actors go there, such as John Wayne, Melissa Gilbert and more! Legend has it, a man named George Dave’s lived there. George loved his child hood girl named Petra, but she went with another man. In a fit of rage, he shot Petra and then himself. This happened in April of 1888 and was posted in the Tombstone Epitaph, Guests claim the ghost of George hangs out, the lights go off and on at 3 a.m and after they take pictures, he appears in some of them.

Jerome! Yes, A.K.A “The wickedest town in the west” a town where at least 9,000 people died. The Jerome grand hotel is worth spending the night! It was once used as a hospital from 1926-1950. One story was about a man who died underneath the elevator that was working fine,which leads some to believe his death was no accident!

Yuma Territorial Prison, the worst of the worst stayed in the scorching heated cells. Serial killers, insane inmates.

The Orpheus theatre in Phoenix! The Rosson house in Phoenix. People say, the doors lock by themselves, heat comes from unlit fireplace. They say it is haunted because of an unsolved murder of a caretaker died right outside the mansion in the 80’s.

Bisbee, Copper Queen hotel has had its share of interesting paranormal activity and is a very popular hotel. The oldest running hotel in Bisbee has had many guests freaked out. Check out the 6th season of Ghost adventures on the Copper queen hotel! Also, the Oliver house bed and breakfast is supposably haunted as well. Vulture mine-many men were hung at the tree.

Globe, Az has a jail , the Gila county jail that operated from 1910 to 1981 is said to be very haunted by the former inmates.

There are many Paranormal investigations going on in Globe. If you want to go on a paranormal investigation, Tickets are on sale at the Drift Inn Saloon. Also, The Boullion Plaza cultural center and museum in Miami or the Old Dominion commercial building @ 30 bucks per person, proceeds for restoration projects.

Crook Tunnel in Benson is haunted by a man by a Henry A. Marks, who was run over by a train after drinking a lot of beer back in 1912.

Here are a few Places you can go if you want to have Haunted house fun!

Zombie house @ 6700 E. Broadway

Gauntlet in Phoenix and Extinction also happening in Phoenix!

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Yummy cacti recipes to try out!

If you like green beans, or okra ,then you most likely will like Nopales, a.k.a cacti! You might see the pads in the store and wonder, what do I do with those???!!!!! First, Nopales is more commonly known as Prickly pear cacti and commonly used in a lot of Authentic Mexican resteraunt a, used in tacos, eggs and also used in salads. It has a wide variation. The Nopales , cacti has many great health benefits! Cacti is a anti-inflammatory, a high anti-oxident the filled with vitamins!It reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

The cacti is also used for glaucoma, fatigue, ulcers,diabetes and liver conditions. So if your in a healthy lifestyle, you may want to add cacti to it! Just make sure you use tongs to grab the pears with and use a blow torch to burn off the tiny needles off!

So, with that said, here are a few recipes, you may want to try!!!! Let’s start with a drink!

Prickly pear chia Fresca! Now with this, you will have to pick 2 red prickly pear fruits using thick gloves or the long tongs! You will have to peel it open and reveal the inside. Get your blender ready!

4 cups water, 2 TVs lime juice, fresh or squeezed. 1 Tbsp Raw honey, 2 red prickly pears peeled. Now blend it really good and add 2tbspn chia seeds, chill and then after that, add lime wedges! Delicious!!!!Also, you can add your favorite fruits as well! You can also add cacti to your smoothies as well, experiment and have fun! No limits!

For a cold day in Fall or winter, a great cacti chili!

This recipe requires a slow cooker, and is called Slow-cooker cacti chili

You will need 2 lbs. ground beef or turkey meat, whichever suits you. 1 large onion, diced 2 cans black beans, 2 cans yellow corn, 1 jar Nopales, 1 8 oz can of tomato paste, 3 Tbspn chili powder, 2Tbsp white sugar, 1 chipotle pepper-chopped, 2 tsp garlic powder, 1 Tspn ground cumin. Cool meat, drain excess fat and add all ingredients into Slow cooler for 4 hours on medium. You can add jalapeños if you love heat, even add cheese!

The next recipe is a cacti salad! Yay, a healthy and delicious cacti and shrimp salad! We all love to make our own versions of salad, so even with this recipe, you can add what you want to this!

In Spanish this is called Nopalitos Con Camarone (shrimp and cacti)

You can buy the cacti pads at any grocery or Carniceria store, or just buy the jar of napolitos. 3 oz jar, 3 large tomatoes, 1 1/2 cups small fresh shrimp, 1/4 cups chopped cilantro, 1/4 cup feta or real Mexican cheese and add 1/4 cup fresh lime juice. Remember, this cacti is slippery like okra, so rinse it very well, Cut up tomatoes into 1/4 diced. In a large bowl add the rinsed cacti, tomatoes, onion, shrimp, add cilantro and if you want add a cucumber! Serve on plate, crumble the cheese on top!!!!

You can also use a papaya or mango, cut out the pulp of the fruit, cut up some cacti and put back into the shell and add avocado into it to have for a snack! So, you see, cacti is good for us and great to eat in many many recipes, hope you try and share!

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The Camp Grant massacre near Tucson, Aravapai haunted!

A lot of Tucsonans have never heard of this tragic piece of history, and may even be quite shocked about it!

It happened in 1871, In the early morning hours on April 30th. Eight men, 110 Apache women and children were brutally murdered within 30 minutes. Some of the little children, defenseless and scared were kidnapped from the bloody scene and put up for sale in what used to be the child slave trade. Imagine how terrified these children were, seeing their dead mothers lying in the dirt! I can just imagine. Just awful!

Before this tragedy happened, it all started when 5 hungry Apache ladies came to the “0ld camp Grant. This camp was used from 1866 to 1872 for the military post at the confluence near the San Pedro river and Aravapai creek. It was abandoned and rebuilt many times, also called Ft. Breckenridge In 1860 before it bacame Camp Grant. The fort had a purpose and the purpose was for security to the white settlers and miners before and after the civil war.

So anyways, after the Apache women came, the man in charge at that time, a Lt. Royal Whitman let them stay. Technically, the Apaches would be considered “Prisoners of war”. After the Apaches heard about this place having food and a safe place to go to. Then over 500 Apaches came to Camp Grant.

A picture of Lt. Royal Whitman, in charge of Camp Grant

The chief of these people was named Chief Eskiminzin, made a request that the Apaches could earn some cash by working as helpers to the farmers and ranchers. They wanted to grow corn along the Aravapai creek. Permission was granted. Unfortunately, the white people were always problematic about the Apaches.The Tucsonan’s constantly complained to the Army.

Then on March 0f 1871, some Indians killed 2 men and stole 16 mule after attacking a baggage train. The angry Tucsonans sent a delegation to General George Stoneman.

The Papago Indians hated the Apaches and told the Tucsonans about them raiding farms and stealing cows. Then the Americans and Mexicans began to leave Tucson to avoid suspicion, one of these men was Mr. William S. Oury.

It is recorded that he was hot-tempered and not very polite
Jesus Elias

Then comes Jesus Elias who claimed the Aravapai Apaches killed his two brothers and attacked his family homestead. This brought Oury and Elias together to become Vigilantes. At the trial, no one was found guilty.

Camp Grant massacre trial, no one was found guilty
Camp grant
Aravapai Apache
Photo of Camp Grant
It took over 125 years to put this marker here.

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Murder at skull cave; Arizona battlefield

Remains of 54 Yavapai native Americans at skull cave

It’s no secret that malicious atrocities have been happening to the native Americans for centuries. It is a sad and disgusting part of American history that is still happening today. Greed for land that the Native Americans were killed for, and this is one of hundreds and hundreds of stories.

First, I will explain what led to this battle in the Salt river canyon on December 28th, 1872. See, the land belonged to the Yavapai , “People of the sun”or back then, they were called “Western Apache”. Around the 1860’s, the American settlers were coming to the Yavapai and Tonto land, Apache and Yavapai territory. This triggered the the Indians to go into combat against the U.S. government. The government wanted to move the Native Americans to other reservations. The Indians stood there ground as warriors do.

President U.S. Grant was president during the civil and Indian wars

Ulysses Grant was the American president who made Crook the Man in charge of the Native americans

This battle started the Yavapai wars from 1871 to 1875.

This battle, was the first major engagement during the 1872 Tonto basin campaign under the command of General George Crook.

General George Crook was in charge of the skeleton cave battle

General Crook is mentioned as Nantan Lupan, a name given to him by the Apaches. This means “Chief wolf”, his job was to fight Indians and be in charge of the Indian “Apache scouts. He employed many of the Indians to help the 5th Calvary find tribes who would not surrender. And a brave chief named Chief Nanni-Chadi, led his tribe, to what he thought would be safe for the men, women and children to a “rock shelter” in the cold winter of December 28th, 1872. A total of 76 people. They refused to surrender to the whites. General John Bourke and Captain William H.Brown led 130 troopers, with the help of the Indian scouts, to “skeleton cave”. They shot at the top of the rock, ricocheting the bullets towards the women and children. A horrific massacre, leaving the Chief dead along with 54 Indians. They took the rest to the reservations.General Crook died in Chicago on March 21, 1890.

A map of Salt river to skeleton cave

This cave is actually a rock shelter, it has an overhang st the base of a cliff. I would say about 1200 ft above the backwaters of Apache lake, formed by Horse Mesa dam on the north wall on a canyon on west Mesa dam. This rock shelter is 2,450 feet up in elevation. The bones of the Yavapai were removed in 1933 and reburried at Ft. McDowell.

Salt river canyon this September 24th, 2019

Thank you for reading about this battle, if you decide to go to this location, please respect the native Americans by not littering or spraying graffiti on the rock, as it is a sacred spot. I hope you enjoyed this article, keep following me and keep sharing! Have a great weekend!