Going to Chaco cultural historical Park next week!

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Poison Hemlock is killing people and cows all through Arizona!

They look like pretty white flowers. These weeds are toxic to cattle and everyone around! If you are doing yard work, stay alert because this weed is spreading and it can kill you! Poison hemlock vs. Queen Anne’s lace, you need to know the difference. You have to learn now!

Both are in the Apiacae family and have hollow stems, which is how you need to identify these. Poison hemlock does NOT have hair on the stem. And has tiny purple blotches on it.

The Queen Anne’s Lace has a hairy stem and doesn’t have purple blotches on the stem!

If you find yourself anywhere near these weeds, please STAY AWAY, there are report of people on ventilators and not being able to breathe without them. Also, ranchers please keep your cattle clear of these, they can eat them and die!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you and watch out for critters, with the monsoon brings out all kinds of disgusting flies, mosquitoes etc.!

Please share this with as many people as possible, it may save a life!

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Vanessa Rossi-Sondgeroth-Owner

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Powdered foods to store and pest control

Here are the Powders you can store. some are short life span, some are long shelf life. Please check, also some are more expensive. Some of these make a good trade or barter. Also, the desert offers us food as well, like the fruits of cacti, the native Americans of the desert are know to grind the seeds of the Organ pipe cactus fruit into flour, also used as a sweet syrup or jelly. The “tuna” or Fruit comes from the prickly pear, is another edible from the desert you can eat after you rid of all the tiny pricks off of them! Be cautious when handling any cactus! Yes, you can eat cactus “Nopales”with some venison meat at a campfire! Just an idea! You can also take the pods off a mesquite tree , not the green but off yellow to grind into flour, but test these pods and always use caution as with everything!

Below is a list of powders to get for all who love survival information! And yes You can never have enough toilet paper guys! 🤣👍

Egg powder-

Peanut butter powder

Powdered milk

Hemp powder

Veggie powder

Cocoa powder-trade & barter

Parmesan cheese- Kraft cheese or real cheese powder

Pancake mix-

Potato flakes

Chickpea powder


Turmeric and curry powder

Chicken or beef bouillon- has high sodium or msg

Garlic salt, or just grow your own garlic, superfood, important to have for your health!

Beef gravy

Cinnamon-trade & barter

Now with this, you may encounter those disgusting pests, so you will have store these powders in store tight containers, not plastic bags, where pests can knaw their way in! And they like to shit everywhere, put them where you know these pests can’t get to!

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