Live Preview: Products – Welcome to my candle and coaster shop

Live Preview: Products – Welcome
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A tour through Biosphere 2

The first time I heard about the Biosphere was by watching the 80’s comedy movie “Bio dome. ” Paula Shore and Stephen Baldwin. But when I visited it really opens your mind! For adults it costs $21 bucks unless your a U of A student $11, military $19 and seniors $19. After I paid my fee, the lady gave me a pamphlet with the layout of Biosphere. But first let me explain what the Biosphere is! It is a large facility for research study on the ecosystem under controlled conditions.Everything in it is highly regulated, water, air, soil, sunlight. This glass enclosed building is 3.14 acres and enclosed under 6,500 windows and 91 feet tall. It has thousands of miles of wiring, pipes and ductwork. This is a 40 acre campus that includes administrative offices, classrooms, laboratories and student housing. The tour was great! Here are the photos I took of it! Enjoy 😊