Exploration of Agua Caliente ghost town coming with more detailed photos a video footage of the abandoned Agua Caliente resort/and much more exploration, only here on DesertexplorAtions with Vanessa your co-host! Stay tuned for next week!

Hyder ghost town and General George S.Patton, a great piece of American WW2 history!Exploring Hyder,, and Agua Caliente ghost towns.

A look back in history at Camp Hyder, it was one of many WW2 Desert training centers led by America’s toughest Generals, General George S. Patton! They started in 1942. They were trained in the desert so they would learn how to adapt in very harsh conditions, as such were the harsh conditions in South Africa to fight The German soldiers.
The old store and gas station still stands in Hyder, this place is in an isolated area way out in the Yuma county. This area could easily pass as an area for a horror flick!

We drove into Hyder, an isolated area in Yuma county, full of old derilect buildings in Hyder, Dateland and into Agua Caliente. These are the buildings we found out there!

It says no trespassing but I don’t think people care about the sign as it looks as if many have come here and have even squatters have lived here.
Inside this building looks like a tornado hit it.
A building in Hyder,

Now we head out to Camp Hyder to see what it looks like today, here in October of 2021!

What’s left of Camp Hyder, these historical buildings still stand. A part of America’s WW2 history!

After exploring Camp Hyder, we went on into Maricopa county into Agua Caliente Ghost town. This town was named for a hot water spring. it is noted that some Indians who killed the Oatman family back in 1862 along with holding Mary and Olive Oatman. This place was dried out by farmers and ranchers back in the 1940’s. The most interesting building we liked was what we thought to be a school, only to find out this large building was once a resort. I made a video of driving through this ghost town if you want to check it out. The resort-spa was used by the soldiers at nearby Camp Horn of WW2. I uploaded a video of our drive through Agua Caliente ghost town under Vanessa Rossi-Sondgeroth on YouTube. I tried to post it to this and am having a hard time, sorry for that. Most of the buildings there are pretty much gone, except the resort, it looks like a good place to investigate for paranormal activity for those who believe or want to try it. The video was shot October 6, 2021! The cemetery of Agua a Caliente is along the old Agua Caliente rd. And has about 100 graves.

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We are taking a trip to Chaco culture historical park next week everybody!!!!

Hello, how are you doing? Hope everything is good and you are doing great! I know, I told you we are going to Chaco, but had to cancel! This time, we are following through! If weather permits, we’re going next week for sure! Lots of photos and video! Stay tuned for this exciting trip!

Going to Chaco cultural historical Park next week!

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Poison Hemlock is killing people and cows all through Arizona!

They look like pretty white flowers. These weeds are toxic to cattle and everyone around! If you are doing yard work, stay alert because this weed is spreading and it can kill you! Poison hemlock vs. Queen Anne’s lace, you need to know the difference. You have to learn now!

Both are in the Apiacae family and have hollow stems, which is how you need to identify these. Poison hemlock does NOT have hair on the stem. And has tiny purple blotches on it.

The Queen Anne’s Lace has a hairy stem and doesn’t have purple blotches on the stem!

If you find yourself anywhere near these weeds, please STAY AWAY, there are report of people on ventilators and not being able to breathe without them. Also, ranchers please keep your cattle clear of these, they can eat them and die!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you and watch out for critters, with the monsoon brings out all kinds of disgusting flies, mosquitoes etc.!

Please share this with as many people as possible, it may save a life!

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