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So, I am a native Tucsonan. I am almost 50 and starting my first business as to some at the worst time in the world! Some, may say “your crazy!” No, I am a dreamer, a hustler, and an artist! I have to do what I have to do, to save my mental health!

I have a lot to offer in my handmade products and I want to share the love! My father was a business owner, he started an employment business from the ground up and he instilled the importance of work in me. I was so amazed with him, getting jobs for people was what he loved! He is in Heaven, but I hope I make him proud, being a small business is not easy, we constantly are working to make and keep the American economy going! I really hope you buy something from my Shopify store and I will always put you, my customer, first.

My dad told me to never quit and be fearless, so I hope I made him proud. Let’s all support our Arizona and every small business without prejudice, with love. Give the small business owners a break, some put their life savings into it! I am an artist, always crafting my homemade candles, I am just starting so it takes time to make it perfect so please be patient with me! So here is Rossi Coasters & Candles L. L.C, may you find something for yourself or others, keep sharing, keep buying my products and keep supporting me. We will all be ok with love and faith and hope! Vanessa Rossi-Sondgeroth

And even if it fails, at least I tried, yep!

Dont stop believing

Piranhas cousin, the Puca fish is being dumped in Arizona lakes

Piranhas cousin, the Puca fish is being dumped in Arizona lakes
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Piranhas cousin, the Puca fish is being dumped in Arizona lakes

Piranhas cousin, the Puca fish is being dumped in Arizona lakes
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Piranhas cousin, the Puca fish is being dumped in Arizona lakes

Creepy Puca fish have human like teeth!

Arizona has some great fish in it’s lakes like the Catfish, Greenback cutthroat trout, bull trout, green sunfish, rainbow trout, large and small mouth bass, yellow bass, white bass, white and black crappie, tiger trout and many more like the Apache trout only found in Arizona and is listed as threatened under the endangered species act.

But an exotic species is being dumped in Arizona lakes and other state lakes! Yes, it’s called the Pacu, and these fish live in South America. They can be easily bought online in exotic pet stores. The problem is, people don’t realize that they can grow up to 2 feet and weigh a hefty amount. The difference between the pirahna and the Pacu is this, piranhas are carnivores, and Pacu are omnivores. Also called the “vegetarian pirahna”

You will know by looking at the teeth. Puca have human like teeth, while pirahna have sharp serrated teeth.

Check out those sharp teeth, hope to never encounter those choppers!

There is one other fish with human looking teeth and it is called the Sheepshead, it is also said to taste good. Now, you ask is the Pacu tasty? I honestly don’t know! If any of you have had it, please tell us your experience.

If these exotic fish keep being dumped in our lakes it will effect our eco-system. These fish are an evasive fish crowding the native species. Arizona wild game and fish would rather you not dump the exotic fish in lakes and ponds and would rather you take them back to the pet store where you bought it.

I hope you like this important information just in case you go fishing and find one of these, you won’t freak out and know you have been informed! Thank you for reading and subscribe, like, share or donate to this business! Every dollar helps to keep it going and any amount really helps! Vanessa-owner of

A very terrifying cactus called Teddy Bear cholla

A very terrifying cactus called Teddy Bear cholla
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A very terrifying cactus called Teddy Bear cholla

An enemies worst nightmare

I have lived in the desert all my life and had to deal with a horrific event that I, personally went through! I was walking through the desert exploring when I was twelve. As I walked, a cactus jumped onto my skin, I was in severe shock and pain!

I tugged at it in hopes I could get the dam thing off me, while droplets of blood came out! I ran inside to my mother and the both of us were terrified of this cactus!!!! This cactus is real and many people new to this desert need to know about the “flying and or “jumping cactus” originally known as the Cholla or Teddy Bear cholla, not so soft and cuddly!Hope this information helps all who need to know about it.

Here are a few facts about this flying cacti.

The spines are hooked like a fishing hook and hollow, making them hard as hell to get out.

The strong wind can blow this on you or your pets (Do not take your pet near it!)

The joint attachments are loosely connected, so when someone walk on the soil at the base of the cacti, it can detach and jump on you!

Stay at least 3 to 5 feet away!

Do not try to suck the needles out of your body, the Glochids can embed into your tongue becoming fatal!

These are like weapons, and can be used to deter robbers from getting into your house when placed outside each bedroom! (Just an idea)😂

Do not attempt taking it out without very thick gloves and some tongs, make sure you have extra strength Tylenol and an ice pack !

Please be careful while exploring out in this beautiful desert , there are many critters that can hurt you! I hope you liked this informative article and will help keep this site going by making a donation today! Thank you very much and god bless you! Vanessa

A smelter town called Sasco

Sasco in the early 19th century, was short lived and ravaged by the Spanish flu And indigence until it closed in September 15, 1919.

The Southern Arizona Smelting Company was founded in August of 1906 with the amount of $1,500,000 in Capital and 800,000 in stock by E.B. Gage, president of Imperial Copper Company. This town was a smelter town. You ask what is smelting? It is where heat is used on ore in order to extract a base metal or metals, copper, silver or gold. Sasco was used to process ore from the Silverbell Mts. By the fall of 1909, about 245,540 tons of copper ore had been processed here.

The smelter in Sasco
A piece of Sasco history, still standing is a blasting furnace that use to do the smelting,
A graph of the inside of the blasting furnace
This diagram shows you exactly the parts of the furnace. 350 tons blast furnace that melted the ore at 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sasco had saloons, stores and a post office and jail.The town had over 600 people and had its share of criminal activity! Here is an article in the newspaper about a man who wanted to kill two men, but he, himself got shot!

Sasco was tragically short lived due to financially troubled times, and the Spanish flu that swept through Arizona, which hit hard in the early 19th century. Many of the victims of this pandemic are buried at the silver bell cemetery.

I found this picture on google, it used to be the jail in Sasco, it wasn’t there anymore at my recent visit here in May 2020.

Remnants of the smelter are still left, yet is in disarray and has been terribly vandalized and used as a shooting range with shotgun shells encrusted all over in the desert sand.
What is left of the Rockland Hotel, is sad to see a piece of Arizona history in such a sad state!

I wish people would have some respect for our historical places, This is unfortunate. It is still worth a visit if you want to see it. Take 226 off 1-10 in Red Rock, go all the way up the dirt road past the cattle ranch. Keep going straight up and you will see Hotel Rockland on the right in the background!

Thanks for reading and I really hope you liked this article on Sasco! Keep liking, sharing and subscribing! Stay safe out there and as always I accept donations on Paypalme./VanessaRossi1971

Swansea Ghost town

These are the buildings where the miners slept, they had up to 16 men in one! Like sardines in a can!

So, let’s begin with this ghost towns history. Set in what was the Arizona territory, way far out in the harsh desert in the county of La Paz, stands a copper mine called Swansea. This mining town was founded in 1908. It has an elevation of 1,283 ft and can be accessed by a regular car, but in my advice, an OHV would be the desirable transportation to this destination.

Swansea rd.

Because of the fact it is so remote and isolated, This mine was minimal and was under the Clara gold and copper mining company.

These buildings were the living quarters for the miners
Inside the delapitated building, once held up to 16 men in one!
This building use to be a smelter, The smelters were scarce and it didn’t have enough for the Copper ore and it had to be sent all the way to Swansea in Wales the United Kingdom!
A photo of Wales

It was in 1908, the Arizona and Swansea Railroad joined another town named Signal to the town of Bouse, 25 miles away.

First sent to the Colorado River, en route to Wales. At this ghost town you will see some markers that reveal what buildings once stood there. And you will notice the holes all covered up, as they go down deep, I posted a video on my Facebook channel, that shows some men who actually went down into them! It is quite amazing and I hope you enjoy this article today!

All covered up

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