White Oaks has a fascinating history!

I took this picture of the abandoned 1887 Hoyle mansion from afar in White Oaks. The man who built it was Watt Hoyle built in 1893, one of the owners of the OldAbe mine. He built this Victorian mansion for his then fiancée, who decided not to marry him, They call it “Hoyles folly”
Old Abe’s mine, gold in White Oaks

Fourty miles east of this ghost town called White Oaks was where Billy the kid loved to party. He loved gambling, and hanging with some rough necks. It was after the Lincoln county wars that Billy and his “gang” would go after the cattle in White Oaks. The people of White Oaks were not happy what Billy and his posse did with their cattle, so some of the White Oak citizens got together and planned on going after the kid and his guys.

Eventually these citizens caught up with them and then the gunfight started!

But the cattle thieves got away and came back to White Oaks just to flaunt it in their faces! That’s when Dave Rudabaugh shot at Sherriff Redman for the heck of it. Redman got away from the bullets and about thirty of the citizens joined forces with the sheriff to run Billy the kid, Dave Rudabaugh and Billy Wilson out of White Oaks!

Dave Rudabaugh
Billy Wilson was both outlaw then law officer

White Oaks ghost town still has a few of its original buildings like the Schoolhouse

This schoolhouse is now a museum

Also, another attraction for many cowboys is the “No scum allowed Saloon” which is rated as one of top ten cowboys Saloon.

The historic Gumm house, what a beauty!
Historic Brown store has had many different paint jobs, it was not these colors when I visited!

So if you want to go on a road trip and check it out, it is in Lincoln county in Carizzozo, New Mexico. you can also check out White Oaks miners home, valley of fires recreation area, Smokey Bear museum, Carizzozo heritage museum, or Fort Stanton historic site!

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New beginnings, Dominican Republic; Mariah Maestas photos (my daughter)

Hello to all my subscribers, hope all of you enjoyed the holidays! Today, I just have to share these photos my daughter took! Yes, she is very happy, and who wouldn’t be living in The Carribean!She took all these photos, so enjoy!

These just show, there is hope and love and peace!
New beginnings!
Precious kitten!

With all the craziness in the world, we should know that god is in control of everything and keep the faith in love! Be humble and grateful as you go about your day and week!

Thank you and have a great night!

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Ghost towns near Las Vegas!

Are you headed to Las Vegas? Well, we are going that way guys! Towards St.Thomas ghost town that I just told you about in the last article! The town that went underwater at Lake Mead. Yes, we are going to explore out there and take you along this journey, let’s have fun before we go through Lockdowns🤪 I am hoping we can find not only the buildings but maybe other items, hmmmm just never know what we will find out there!😁🤗🤔🤭😮I also want to tell you about some other ghost towns by Las Vegas!

Now if you are ever out there in Nevada, You got to go explore these ghost towns. Rhyolite is 125 miles northwest of Las Vegas near the eastern boundary of Death Valley National park

. This town was established in the early 1900’s. It was one of many mining camps. Many people went to the Bullfrog mining district during the gold rush

Head 70 miles NW to Gold Point, another ghost town, in its early days it had saloons, bakeries and over 100 buildings. It was a large silver mining town, that is now also a place with a bed and breakfast, you can rent a cabin or camp there.

These are the cabins you can rent.
Gold point, call Walt for accommodations @775-482-4635 😋tell him to subscribe to My site!

Then you got 45 mins from Vegas is Nelson ghost town. You can take mine tours, rent kayaks for a dip in the nearby Colorado River ( I don’t know if these places are open due to Covid so you do some research on that ok) Then you got Belmont ghost town close to Tonapah. Sr 82 , call this number for directions at 775-687-3001

Then you got Manhattan ghost town

Well preserved Manhattan ghost town church

Then if your into or want to check out the Clown Motel 🏨 in Tonapah, where they have one of the most haunted hotels if your up for it!The Mizpah hotel

Most haunted five story hotel is very very old @775- 482-3030 this hotel was named #1 haunted hotel by USA Today 10 best readers choice awards. And built in 1907!

So, if you need some excitement or want some adventure get in your car, bring tons of water, video recorder and food and go!!!!jam on your upbeat tunes and have the adventure you deserve😀

Alright, so I am sure there are more but I will go over more in my next upcoming articles!

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Exploration of St.Thomas ghost town

Hey guys, just want to let you know we are going to Overton, NV to check out this ghost town! Will be an exciting exploration and I will have photos and video footage of this once thriving town! So please tell people about this site as we go to great places! Stay posted on my Facebook channel for new posts!We will let you know when this exploration will happen ok! I am also hoping to see Las Vegas this Christmas!!!

Happy holidays!

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The Petroglyphs of Honey Bee Canyon Park

Entrance into this fascinating park full of ancient Hohokam petroglyphs!

First I want you to know the difference between a pictograph and a petroglyphs! A petroglyphs is scratching or chipping into rocks. Pictographs are actual paintings using color dyes the Hohokam Indians made! (Read my article on Hohokam, the best irrigation farmers)

When I found out that I could have easy access to some petroglyphs, and walk our dog, I was ecstatic!!! Oro Valley is not to far from where I live. I am gonna give you some history on Oro Valley first.Oro valley means Valley of gold in Spanish and has been inhabited by different native tribes. The First people who lived in the Honeybee were the Hohokam Indians,. Archaeologists state they lived in the area from 450-1250. It has about 19 large mounds surrounding a plaza, a ball court and an wall. There are as many as up to 800 domestic houses present at the site!

Petroglyphs in the honey bee park in Oro Valley.
There are lots of trails you can walk on, if you want to see these amazing pectroglyphs, go north on the honey bee trail.
You can’t get lost with signs!

Address is 13880 Rancho Vistoso

To get to the canyon , go to the end of concrete walkway, about a 2 mile roundtrip on flat ground and go through the short tunnel. To see the petroglyphs go right at the end of the walkway, a one mile hike and you will see the petroglyphs on the rocks.

As always use common sense when exploring, always tell someone where your going, bring a friend or dog, lots of water, flashlight etc! Happy trails and stay safe!

Thank you for reading this, I hope you enjoyed it and share to your friends about this site! Happy exploring!

Vanessa Rossi-Sondgeroth

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