The Palo verde nuclear generating station

After watching what happened in Russia, when a nuclear explosion happened, I felt it would be a good idea to discuss this Major nuclear power plant! Everyone needs to know this information, here in Arizona.

Palo verde is the largest generator of electricity in the U.S for the 23rd consecutive year and produces more than 30 million Mwh in 2014 for the tenth time. It is located on a 4,000 acres deep and way out west , 50 miles west of Phoenix. It serves electricity to 4 million people in Arizona, Southern California, New Mexico and as far as West Texas. The plant began construction in 1976 and completed in 1988 and has three units and which is unlike the others. Basically it is the Largest nuclear power plant in America.

People want and need to know if it is safe? The main key is the design and this plant has very thick steel and concrete domes designed to withstand massive impacts and to keep radiation from escaping. After an explosion happened at the Palo verde plant, killing 31 people, the backup equipment kept running. This power plant uses treated wastewater for plant cooling.

Nuclear plants use heat producing during nuclear fission to heAt the treated wastewater, in nucleAr fission atoms are split apart from smaller atoms releasing energy and fission takes place inside.

What happens if this power plant exploded?

The truth is this, IF, If this plant EVER did, the affect would be catastrophic! Like Chernobyl! A scientist by the name of Dr. Brice Smith has stated that NucleAr power are uniquely dangerous source of electricity that will create serious risks especially if deployed on a large scale,including the potential of catastrophic reactor accidents on the scale of Chernobyl. The difficulty of managing lasting effects of radiation waste, increased likelihood of nuclear proliferation’s. For nuclear power to make a meaningful contribution to Co2 emissions 1,000 to 2,500 reactor would have to be operating globally by mid-century, which means moving a plant every one to 2 weeks.

In case of a meltdown, anyone in the 10 mile radius would need to get out of that area, but personally, if this happens, just to be safe, I would take this.

Stay inside, stay tuned, but the best place to be is underground , like basements, bunkers, caves And underground abandoned mines!Remember, the first few hours after the explosion is giving the highest levels of radiation, so act fast! Don’t take your sweet time, your life is at stake! Also buy a radiation suit along with the iodide potassium pills, and be on lookout for abandoned mines, and other places underground, if you can’t drive out of Arizona, which is what I would do personally, (learn backroads for fast escape!) Always think ahead, even if the Palo verde nuclear power plant is deemed “safe”, having a backup plan is wise!

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Remnants of Harshaw ghost town

In 1887, a man by the name of David Harshaw, a rancher was grazing cattle in This area and he located silver, calling it “Hermosa”which means “beautiful”. The mine he found is up on a hill and had more than 350,000 in ore back in 1880. Harshaw had 2,000 people and about 150 people worked at this mine and another 20 at the stamp mill. This town had 7 saloons,a boarding house, hotel, shops, and The Arizona Bullion newspaper. A man by the name of James Finley came from Tucson and paid $600 for his Mine and Finley revived the mine on a small scale, it had about 100 people in 1903. His house is a red brick house and is registered as a National historic house, here is a picture of it!Then James Finley passed away and the price of silver dropped and the so the post office diminished in March 4, 1937. Then Asarco came in and reopened it and continued mining until 1956. Today The mine is open again. Here is the cemetery. And pics of this area.u

When we drove through this area, the Hermosa mine was open, and a gate encompasses the area of this mine, very busy and a lot of workers are employed there.

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The Apache kid and the kelvin grade massacre

Legend says the Apache kid was most fierce next to Geronimo!

The Apache kid had a real name, and it was Haskaybaybayntayl (Haskay-bay-bay-Nay-ntayl) he was born in 1860 on The San Carlos reservation and came from the White mountain Apache band. He learned English very young and took odd jobs in Globe, az. . His name was to difficult to pronounce, so the people in Globe called him “kid”. The Apache kid met and became good friends with Al Sieber, a well respected German-American, who fought in the civil war and in the American old west. Al became a prospector and was the chief of scouts. In 1881, the Apache kid enlisted in the Indian Scout and excelled, becoming a Sergeant.

What happened to him next changed his life forever. In May of 1887, the Apache kid was left in charge of the Indian scouts and guardhouse in San Carlos, when Al Sieber and Captain Pierce tended to business.

Apache kid and the other Indian scouts

It was the drink called “‘tis-win” fermented fruit and corn that ignited the party, and in a drunken frenzy, a man named Gon-Zizzie had killed the Apache kids father. Revenge set in his mind, and he decided to take action, killing Gon-Zizzie and his brother. When Al Sieber and Captain Pierce came back, they ordered all the scouts to disarm their guns. Shots were fired, hitting Al Sieber and wounding his ankle, indefinitely. This is where the mystery starts, no one knew for sure who the perpetrator really was and The Apache kid was blamed. The army was called in quickly, sending in troops to catch the Apache kid and other scouts. For many weeks they tracked them along the San Carlos River, finally catching them in the Rincon Mts. Eventually surrendering. The kid was charged with mutiny, and desertion, and sentenced to die by firing squad. General Miles didn’t like this verdict and ordered a different sentence. The kid and the others were sent to San Carlos then Alcatraz .On October 13, 1889, in Gila, people wanted The Apache kid tried for murder in the wounding of Al Sieber.

Al sieber

The Apache kid was eventually sentenced and he along with some of the other Apache Indian scouts and a Mexican criminal were to be imprisoned at “hell-hole” Yuma territorial prison. Sherriff Glen Reynold and Sherriff Holmes were in charge of this stagecoach journey on a chilly November 2, 1889.The 9 prisoners were shackled and placed inside the stage coach.

Two sheriffs in charge were these men.

Sherriff Glen Reynolds
Sherriff William A. Holmes

A peregrination into Prescott, Az.

The Prescott National Forest covers 1.25 million acres And has many hiking and camping facilities throughout this forest!

A great way to escape the sweltering heat, is an escapade to Prescott,az.! Prescott is in Yavapai county and is st an elevation of 5,374. In 1864 Prescott was designated as the capital of the Az. Territory replacing the temporary capital. Then in 1867 it was moved to Tucson. But Phoenix ultimately became the final capital in 1889. Prescott is only a two hour drive from Phoenix and three from Tucson.

As you enter into the downtown district, you will notice a lot of the buildings and houses look to be from the 18oo circa. Here are some of the houses and buildings that caught my attention.

A drive up Whiskey row
A great thing to do is walk around and check out downtown!
If you love shopping and love arts and craft fairs, you will love it here!

There’s lots of lakes to go boating, fishing and camping at! We went to the Heritage park and only costs $3.00 per car, The heritage park is next to a zoo, if you want to check it out! Here are photos I took .

The mini Time machine; museum of miniatures

The Nutty professor miniatures! This is called a miniature effect, a physical model of a larger object used to represent it in film making!

This museum in Tucson displays a very large collection of antique and contemporary miniatures in addition to the permanent collection. It exhibits a lot of miniature houses from the early 18th century on up. It is a great way for people to showcase their homes and display the interior of them. Miniature models are commonly made of metal, plastic, or paper and are used to augment the visual aspects of a game and track position facing and line of sight of characters. You may ask what is so important about miniatures? Here is why. In ancient Egypt, archaeologists have found miniature figures of Egyptian toys, figurines, showing the archaeologists so much information and helping them with research. It helps architects, interior designers, toy and film manufacturers to design new and innovative ideas into reality.

Kewpie doll
So tiny!
Someone did a great job building this “fairytale castle”
The back of the castle
Everything is Christmas here!
This is all set in the floor! I stepped on it, thinking I would break the glass, but not so, pretty strong glass!
The creepy hollow house for Halloween
The three witches

So, this museum is not only educational but entertaining as well! And the price for two adults being only $7.00 each and kids free. They also have storytelling and other activities for kids! This is a high rated museum and worth checking it out here in Tucson, Az! They have a website you can check out for more details!

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Vulture city, a ghost town rising from the dead


Right outside Wickenburg, Az in the desolate and hot desert, lies this historic ghost town. We left early on a Saturday morning, since the hours of operation are Saturday’s and Mon-Friday from 9-3 P.M. Upon parking in the lot, a nice lady appeared from the back of what used to be the school building, now turned into the admissions office. The nice lady charged us $15 bucks each, And spoke to us .She also mentioned that paranormal activity happens and gave us this poster. she stated that they put over 2 million in reconstruction of this ghost town to bring it back to life as a tourist attraction.

They say 18 miners were hung at the tree here for stealing !

So, let’s start from the beginning. This place was founded by a man by the name of Henry Wickenburg, he gave the city it’s name, after he found an abundance of gold there, and shot at the scavenging vultures flocking overhead. Vulture city contains a post office, school, cookhouse, gas station, doctor and brothel building, saloon, assay office (where they process gold and silver) and living quarters for the assay workers. Down below are the equipment used for the Vulture mine.

Air compressor
Air compressor
Ore bucket
Wells Fargo post
Assay office/ Living quarters
Inside the Assay office, this building was made from the ore from the mine. The walls contain over 600,000 in gold and silver!
Vault is underground, where some of the miners would steal from, then be hanged on the hanging tree. They put a stone under there feet, and kicking out the stone, sometimes taking up to two hours to die.
Inside Assay building
A refrigerator from that era in its original form

By 1863, this city was the most successful, with Up to 5,000 people and 340,000 0z. Gold. Worth today would be a whopping 430 million today! in 1942, seven men were killed when a large underground chamber collapsed on them and their twelve burros.

Here is the Doctor and brothel rooms.

Dr.s office
The original post from this bed dates back all the way from the 18th century!
Original Old piano, is rumored to sometimes play by itself
The bunk house
Inside the bunk house
Frame of an old vehicle lie outside in the scorching heat

Unfortunately, Henry Wickenburg became destitute and shot himself in the head next to the hanging tree on May 4, 1905. Vulture mine lasted until 1942 when it was closed on order by govt. Slowly, this place is being well preserved and ready for tourists and all people are welcome. Here is a number you can call to ask questions 1-877-425-9209

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