Tonto National Forest & The Indian, Tonto in the Lone Ranger show

The Lone Ranger played a Texas Ranger (Clayton Moore) and his Native Indian friend , Tonto, (Jay Silverheels)The word Tonto is named after The Tonto apaches

While driving up through Tonto National Forest, on our way through Young, Az., I started wondering about the Indian, Tonto in the Lone Ranger show that aired back from 1947-59! Well, I actually use to watch it when I was a kid, did any of you? Tonto was made to become The lone rangers friend, one he could confide in and trust. The Lone Ranger saved Tonto as a young kid and later befriends him. The two are great together in the show and overcome many obstacles as a team.

Jay Silverheels portrays Tonto, as a positive and very wise Indan
Jay Silverheels made a million, playing Tonto, he died of a stroke at 67 and made a million dollars off “The Lone Ranger”

The Lone Ranger went by a strict code put in place by a man named Striker and it reads this;

I believe to have a friend, a man must be one. That all men are created equal and that everyone has within himself the power to make this world a better world. That god put the firewood there, but that every man must gather and light it himself. In being prepared physically, mentally, and morally to fight when necessary for what is right, that a man should make the most of what equipment he has that this government of the people and for the people shall live always. That man shall live by the rule of what is best for the greatest number. Sooner or later, somehow, we must settle with the world and make payment of what we have taken and that all things change, the truth alone lives on forever, in my creator, my country and my fellow man. Tonto also starred in his own comic published by Dell. Another comic with a Native American was by Marvel named after the “Apache kid” ( read article on him)

Driving through Tonto National forest Is a fantastic day trip through Young and past the beautiful Haigler creek!
Haigler creek area is stunning and tranquil! A good place for picnic and drive through Tonto National Forest!

The Tonto National Forest is the largest of the six national forests here in Arizona. It has a very diverse landscape with elevations ranging from 1400 in the Sonoran to 7,400 in the Ponderosa pines of the Mogollan rim. Established in 1905 to protect its watersheds & reservoirs with 350,000 acre ft. Of water! Tonto National Forest has 6 major reservoirs and can store 2 million acre ft of water and is home to many pre-historic Indian tribes. Also, Tonto Apache reservation is located inside this forest at Payson and use it to grow plants and other traditional purposes.

The Forest has a history of producing copper, gold , silver,lead, zinc and many other metals.

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The legend of Apache tears and the history of Superior, Az.

The cliffs of Apache leap stand 4,728 ft above sea level!

In July of 1870, a raid attracted Company B of the Arizona volunteers, noticed where the great warrior Apaches were hanging out at what used to be “Big Picacho”. The Apaches were not bothering anyone and just wanted to relax, until the U. S. Calvary discovered the secret trail up to what we call Apache leap. Their was approximately a total of 75 Apaches. The Apaches were shocked and outnumbered. The soldiers shot the Apache warriors, but rather some of them be captured by the white men, they became heroic brave warriors and jumped to the death.

Apache tear stones are said to have spiritual powers for emotional grieving and sadness

An unidentified blogger wrote “We are the voices of our ancestors of Cherokee, Mohawk, Apaches, Coahuilthican,Seminole, Choctaw, Cherokee, Lakota,Oneida, Seneca and all tribes. We are their people made real in present, the 7th generation to someone who dreamt of our existence. The ones who refuse to forget our relatives who died for what still belongs to us-this land. We are the faces of of all who walked The Apache trail of tears. The long walk and all forced removals.

Some claim a lot of paranormal activity happens in the small town of Superior at the bottom of The cliffs of Apache leap. I recently watched a show that had a team of paranormal investigators who did an episode in Superior, Az( not sure what the name was)Here is a picture I took. That really struck me!

See, their is something on this investigators back?!!!! Creepy stuff ah?

Now, let us learn about Superior, Az., originally called “Queen” and became a mining town in 1875. It was filed by W. Tuttle and the Irene mine, claimed by P. Swain in the year of 1876. Together, it became known as the Silver Queen mine. Then in 1910, Colonel Boyce Thompson renamed it as “Magma copper company.

By the 1950’s, Magma became the eighth largest copper producer in America
Aerial footage of the mine in Superior, az
Old photo of the miners in Superior, Az.

Today, Superior , Az is a striving community . And has a population of 3, 141 people. Has two major attractions. One is the Boyce Arboretum, and the Worlds smallest museum that has a lot of historic artifacts.

Today, a minining company named Resolution copper company has a huge scale project that you can check out on the internet and learn about.

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Resources to find off-road trails

This off-road is at Copper creek near Mammoth, Az

As an adventurer, it’s important to find the right trails to drive. Everyone has different ideas on what they look for in an off-roading experience. For me, going on a trail makes me excited and very happy, as it should! There are different reasons for each one of us to find certain areas.

Here goes! A map! Yep, a regular map is always great to have in your vehicle! Also going on Google search!, now some of these sights do charge and if that doesn’t bother you then go ahead and pay! is a favorite of mine because it shows pictures of the trails and what the scenery is like! And it won’t cost a cent!

Google maps, Of course, Trail Recon, forums. Here is one, we don’t always think about! How about that ranger station?! Yes! These guys can tell you so much about the area, including if there are ghost towns around or mines!Maybe ruins of ancient Indian tribes!

Here is a good App to have called Gaia app, it helps you track your route and find other ones!

How about books! Books are a great resource, I have one that is awesome! Inside it has maps and photo’s !

This is a book well worth buying and keeping in your vehicle!

Also Magellan app,
See, here are a ton of resources to go have some fun!

Travel responsible, don’t throw your trash out there, keep it clean! Thanks for reading this, hope this helps you out! Stay safe and blast your music! Have a blast!!!!

Top Beginner tips for off-roading

Stuck in the mud!

If your just beginning to drive off-road, your gonna need to learn these tips! When you go out on your adventure make sure you drive the fire roads, now you don’t have to, but by doing this it will help you get familiar with your car. To see how it handles sand, and any other obstacles, even mud!

Air down your tires, You don’t have to, but 30 psi-45 is max. This gives your tire more surface area and can give you more grip.

Don’t floor it! It can cause your car to hop, go slow and steady! If you are going up and your losing grip, try turning the wheel in a different direction, left or right. Remember, when coming to slope, GO STRAIGHT, don’t take slopes at an angle because if you do that, your car will be more likely to flip! Sounds terrible, but it happens!

If you are ever in doubt, get out and check under your vehicle, don’t just make assumptions that it will be okay, it’s just a crack in the road or just a rock!

Don’t ever use the tow hitch ball, it is fast like a bullet and can kill you! Just use google search on your vehicle to learn about it and see what it can and can’t do and always bring straps for removing things off the road, like boulders or trees and whatever else is out there! Don’t get stuck out there! Use common sense out there!

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Safety for off-roading through remote areas

Way out in the desert! You don’t want to get stuck out there!

For those of us who have a passion for off-roading! A friend had recently told me, he went off-roading and got stuck, so he called his wife to come out with the chains! He never thought it would happen to him! But honestly, things happen! So, I am going to give you important information, before I give you the trails!

When you decide to go out to remote areas, ALWAYS communicate and tell somebody where you are going! Even post it on Facebook, it doesn’t matter, just do it! Remember the movie 127 hours or something like that, when that guy had to cut off his arm?! He forgot to tell anyone where he was going, don’t put yourself in a bad situation!

Always bring a weapon, just to be safe, you never know what is out there and should always have a backup weapon! Especially for the ladies! I carry a gun, because I go out to remote places.

Make sure your vehicle is full of gas, full of water , stocked with food and fully tuned-up, meaning it has great breaks and is capable of anything out there! Take it in to a mechanic and have it checked out first!

Know the weather forecast, focus on the skies, use common sense! If you have common sense, you will succeed!

Make sure you have a gallon of water or more, if you bring your dog or any pet, bring extra dog food etc.! Make sure your pet has everything it needs!

If you are going on an unknown trail, test it first before you drive on it, by walking it or if you have a drone, use it! Don’t risk getting lost!

If your car does break down out there, STAY by your car, unless you know exactly where you are and can call for help, some cars, like my Jeep have a “911” button in it already installed! Just pop up the hood or trunk to De-note a “Help needed” Just remember, a car can be seen for many miles, but a person on foot can be difficult to spot!

Remember to leave wildlife alone! And if your car does get stuck way out there, make a very smoky fire using whatever you Gt, and at night make it as bright as you can!!!!! Also, bring extra blankets and warm clothing, just in case, it does get chilly at night! Happy off-roaring and Happy Halloween peeps!

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