Survival mode; preparing for the worst

As I watch the news, and Biden’s mental instability getting worse, I have to think, Who the hell is in control of our country? A president is supposed to have full mental clarity for crying out loud! We have enemies who are laughing at us, calling us weak because this guy can’t remember where he is, let alone run this country! For some, pretending this is ok? What?!!! People are getting fired for not getting this vaccine, unless you want to get the jab! Nope, not me! I have great antibodies and am blessed, truly humble!

Do you really think hackers won’t take our grid out? Come on people, Food shortages will come and are you prepared or are you one who says “oh, it’s all okay!” Wake up, wake up NOW! On these next articles, I am going do my best to help you get what you need without spending all your money you don’t have! We will start at buying at the Dollar tree or family dollar store! What can you get at this store to help you survive? All of us living here in the desert know the first thing to make a priority is water! Putting a large barrel under your Rain gutter To collect the monsoon rain water is a great idea! rain water, first clean it by boiling it or purify it) with a chemical some kind of filtration system.or just stock up on bottled water. But we really need to do something with the plastic bottles , like collect rain water in them!besides throwing them in our garbage! Every time you have extra cash, buy water and canned goods, look for sales on tuna, or buy bags of rice, beans, lentils ( lentils are such a great power food to have, full of nutrients!The dollar store is soooo great, from Led lights, batteries, flashlights, lighters, a bunch of canned goods and vegetable seeds ( to start your own garden) very wise to start today or ASAP! Stock up on personal hygiene products now( yes, get that toilet paper or baby wipes, aspirin is a must because it clear up blood clots that cause strokes and heart attacks. I had a stroke awhile back, and after the Dr. gave me aspirin, and other medicine, my brain had to heal because of the clot in my brain, I was lucky I didn’t die! Stock up on vitamins, especially if you suffer from depression, get B-9, B-12 etc, have insomnia, start stocking up on melatonin now, without sleep, we can’t get shit done! If we run out of meds for different mental illnesses, it will be hell, do your research now on what supplements you can take now to help if shtf! This is extremely important ! We have plenty of deer, rabbits, Turkey, snake to eat if it got to that point, even the ground squirrel will give you the protein you need when SHTF! Or just get your chicken coop ready, have fresh eggs, get some livestock!if you can, get solar panels!On the next article, we will discuss the high crime rates going on now and what to do to protect your homestead when criminals come on your property to steal. What are the laws concerning defense?

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Chiricahua “sky islands”scenic road Pinery Canyon into Cave Creek canyon is magnificent

As you know, I love off-roading and finding awesome and interesting places! Yesterday, Was a great drive out to Chiricahua Mts. But this time, we went right on Pinery Canyon road at the entrance of the Chiricahua national monument, and it was spectacular!!!!! First, let’s learn how the Chiricahua Mts. Were formed about 27 million years ago and happened as a volcanic convulsion that blew 100 square miles of molten rock. The areas history has a violent past, if you follow interstate 9, stop at Columbus was where Pancho Villa and his guerrillas attacked a U.S. camp on March 9th, 1916 during the Mexican/American war. You will find a lot more on the history! Also, Portal was named after a prospector by the name of Duffener who found a cave at the mouth of Cave creek.

The drive gives you magnificent views of the forest floor and takes you up to high slopes of the Chiricahuas! You will encounter a lot of white-tailed deer! So be careful, they come out of nowhere! You may also see black bears or Coatimundi.

This is an off-road, and a high clearance vehicle is the best way to go! All birdwatchers, you must go here! The Riperian areas are filled with many different species of birds! If your looking to go camping, think about going to Pinery Canyon, even though the creeks are dry, it’s still a very beautiful and peaceful place! This drive is about 25 miles one way and worth every mile!

On our way into Portal, we saw this chimney on the side of the road
This building dates back to 1900
Coming to the end or beginning of Portal, Az. , shows the Chiricahua rock formations, It is an amazing scenic drive!

If you want to go, here are the directions from Interstate 10, go east, and go 139 miles (you will hit the New Mexico border onto SR80, turn right onto Portal Rd., which turns into forest rd. #42 and continue 24 miles to state route 181 for an optional detour about 12 miles west of Portal, turn left on forest rd. 42D and continue 2 miles to a fork, Left fork leads to Rustler Park, while the right leads to Barfoot Park. Another way, is head to Wilcox, take the Chiricahua Natl monument interstate, and head towards the Mt. , once you get.there, you will see a sign off to the right, Pinery canyon rd.

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No reason to go to Los Angeles, it’s trashy!

After going to the beautiful city of Santa Barbara, also known as the “American Riviera”, and watching the Fourth of July fireworks that I Videotaped just for you guys, we headed out to Los Angeles thinking it would be exciting! I have always wanted to check out Sunset Blvd and the Hollywood stars “walk of fame” out on Sunset blvd. Let me tell you, there’s quite a difference from Santa Barbara and L.A! While driving up Sunset blvd, you can actually smell the stench of Urine!

It’s quite sad, to see all the homeless people living on the bridges, so the governor of Los Angeles is doing a bad job of cleaning up the streets.. I don’t know much about Governor Newsom, but just by driving around Los Angeles, there needs to be something done. I know a lot of people are homeless in California. Wtf happened? I use to love it in California!

And yes, we went up the Hollywood hills where the houses are all gorgeous and pristine. But below that Hollywood sign is not as we imagine and it sure isn’t what it used to be, unfortunately, Here, I share the photos I took . I am showing you the good and the bad of Los Angeles. Now, you can decide for yourself if you want to visit or live in Los Angeles, I am humble and blessed to live in Arizona, and so grateful to be where I am now.

Beautiful up in the Hollywood hills!
Fun going up! Sad going down!
Then below Hollywood, are people living in tents on bridges!

Over populated, rich get richer, poor get neglected, very very sad! So, there you have it, The California I knew back in the 80’s and 90’s is gone. It’s the sad truth but it is what it is!

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Vanessa Rossi-Sondgeroth