A trip back in time to Tombstone!

There’s more to Tombstone than just the movie. We often wonder what would it be like to have lived there or even have met the people that made Tombstone what it is?Back then they settled disputes by hanging people in public or just a drag out shooting! Pretty rowdy place to be! I recently went there and got these photos, enjoy!o

The spiny lizard in my house!

I had just gotten out of bed to the sound of my dog running around in the living room. She was chasing something , but I had to yell at her to get her away! Lo and behold, a thick lizard was in the corner! Omg! Now, growing up, I was always climbing trees and loved lizards, like the horned toad and the lizards that do push ups! Not kidding, quite amusing to watch!The Desert spiny lizard, also called Sceloporous magister, live both in southwestern and Northeastern Arizona. They are stocky and eat insects like cockroaches, grasshoppers, moths,scorpions and smaller lizards! Usually has a black necklace and base colors are gray, tan and brown. Males have a purple patch mid torso. They have bright green and blue patches on its belly. A very colorful reptile indeed!