I want a roadrunner!!!

I want a roadrunner!!!

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I want a roadrunner!!!

Growing up in Tucson, these badass birds are everywhere and go up to 20 mph!They eat up all the insects galore and even have rattlesnakes for dinner! They are so fast, you can easily miss them in a blink. Roadrunners are a cuckoo bird and prefer walking or running than flying.They never drink water They also eat hummingbirds and bats. The beautiful native Americans consider them as good luck, courage, strength and have used the feathers to ward off evil ! Dam, now this is a badass bird and that’s why I want one for a pet!

A trip back in time to Tombstone!

There’s more to Tombstone than just the movie. We often wonder what would it be like to have lived there or even have met the people that made Tombstone what it is?Back then they settled disputes by hanging people in public or just a drag out shooting! Pretty rowdy place to be! I recently went there and got these photos, enjoy!o