Mt. Grahm, a stairway to Heaven!

In my video I told you we were headed to I-70 east. Was quite boring until we hit Safford and saw a gargantuas mountain. You can only stare at it with amazement and wonder for so long! It is a real stunner in the Arizona desert!!! Driving up is a very Curvy rd. With no railing!But this is truly a stairway to Heaven! So remember that as you take deep breaths!Riggs lake is worth it!!!!and for people afraid of heights, like me, can be very scary! Especially with very thin roads and no railing!!! But the beauty of the landscape makes it worth the climb. Nestled at the top is Riggs Lake, a real gem in the desert!

The Titan museum is “the bomb”!

I always wanted to see the most powerful weapon of mass destruction on eartth, at least at one time! 104 feet tall, holy crap! So, It was today, my husband and I went! At first glance, when you walk towards the building, it doesn’t seem so strong to be holding a Titan Missile inside! As we entered, a nice lady greeted us and we paid a fee of $21. The lady told me I needed to put my bag in a locker, then go watch a video. Not that exciting, but insightful. A British man gave us a great hour tour of the building. I took lots of photos to share with you!Go down 56 steps, to the control station, that’s where all the codes and keys can make this baby fly! Don’t worry, this Missile is deactivated and that’s why the cover is half open!This place really is “the bomb”!

Hiking the Oracle trail

If you love to hike on straight trails with no challenge, this trail is not for you! With a lot of curves and hills that go up and down, you will get a great workout! But before you go on the trails, there is a fee you have to put in envelope. PNeedless to say, it’s a low fee. Today I decided I would take the Mariposa trail, mariposa means “butterfly” in Spanish and surprisingly enough, so does my name ( kinda cool). Make sure you stay hydrated, as it was almost 100 degrees out! I really loved the landscape out there as well! You can ride horses out there as well. All in all, the Oracle trail was fantastic!

The Waggoner Mansion

I have a deep passion for history and mansions. I was lucky enough to have the pleasure to see a very historic mansion in Decatur, Tx. When you first look at it, you think your in a great western movie. This mansion was built in 1883 by very wealthy ranchers, the Waggoners, who not only dabbled in ranching , but also owned banks and oil companies in the 1800’s. Their ranches extended through 7 counties, that is ALOT of acres! When I went to see it back in 2014 , it had a “no tresspassing” sign and was up for sale. It is also called”El Castille” meaning ,The castle. The architecture is Victorian. It is indeed. A masterpiece! To get a great view of this house, check it out on! Or get an aerial view through the internet!

Jerome, Az , hanging in the hillside!

I went to Jerome at Christmas time with my husband and Loved it! The town is between flaggstaff and Prescott, in The black hills of Yavapai county. As we drove up the hill, it was quite a spectacular view of houses below and above! I had heard the town was a “ghosttown” which if you like anything paranormal will instantly have your attention! We went to the top and decided to get a room at the Jerome grand hotel. Wow! The interior will take you back in time to the the early 1900’s era .when this mining town was booming.Now, it attracts people from all walks of life! Here are some pics I took at Christmas. Also the restaurant inside the hotel is very romantic and the food is delicious! Although We didn’t experience any ghosts, just loud pipes from people flushing toilets above us, but all in all, a great trip!!!!