Picacho Peak State Park

While driving up I-10 today, you can’t help but see the 1500 foot peak! And there we where at the booth paying the measily $7 bucks. It was almost 100 degrees out! No hiking in high temps, no heat exhaustion for me! I think the best time to hike the trails there would be spring! I managed to take some photos of the peak though!

Mission San Xavier del bac

A historic Mexican baroque architectural diamond in Tucson, Az. Just look at this Catholic Church inside and out! Wow!

It began in 1692, this parish was built for the Tohono O’ dham Indians. It all began with 7,000 pesos borrowed by a rancher! As we took a walk in and out of this buildig, you are taken back by the bright colors and spirit of Catholicism! It is free to go in and enjoy it and pray.

Mt. Grahm, a stairway to Heaven!

In my video I told you we were headed to I-70 east. Was quite boring until we hit Safford and saw a gargantuas mountain. You can only stare at it with amazement and wonder for so long! It is a real stunner in the Arizona desert!!! Driving up is a very Curvy rd. With no railing!But this is truly a stairway to Heaven! So remember that as you take deep breaths!Riggs lake is worth it!!!!and for people afraid of heights, like me, can be very scary! Especially with very thin roads and no railing!!! But the beauty of the landscape makes it worth the climb. Nestled at the top is Riggs Lake, a real gem in the desert!

The Titan museum is “the bomb”!

I always wanted to see the most powerful weapon of mass destruction on eartth, at least at one time! 104 feet tall, holy crap! So, It was today, my husband and I went! At first glance, when you walk towards the building, it doesn’t seem so strong to be holding a Titan Missile inside! As we entered, a nice lady greeted us and we paid a fee of $21. The lady told me I needed to put my bag in a locker, then go watch a video. Not that exciting, but insightful. A British man gave us a great hour tour of the building. I took lots of photos to share with you!Go down 56 steps, to the control station, that’s where all the codes and keys can make this baby fly! Don’t worry, this Missile is deactivated and that’s why the cover is half open!This place really is “the bomb”!

Hiking the Oracle trail

If you love to hike on straight trails with no challenge, this trail is not for you! With a lot of curves and hills that go up and down, you will get a great workout! But before you go on the trails, there is a fee you have to put in envelope. PNeedless to say, it’s a low fee. Today I decided I would take the Mariposa trail, mariposa means “butterfly” in Spanish and surprisingly enough, so does my name ( kinda cool). Make sure you stay hydrated, as it was almost 100 degrees out! I really loved the landscape out there as well! You can ride horses out there as well. All in all, the Oracle trail was fantastic!