On the way to Young, Az

On the way to Young, Az

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On the way to Young, Az

It was a great day for a roadtrip today, blue skies and not a clue that we were about to drive to Young, otherwise called Pleasant valley. The drive was very adventurous and the landscape switched from Sahuaro cactus to lower temperatures and Pine and Ponderosa trees spread endlessly!captivating scenery! We were oblivious to what Young really was, until we hit a sign.

Chiricahua National Monument

I was extremely excited to travel to Chiricahua! We took I-10 East through Wilcox. There is something so spiritually compelling when you enter!It is such  a wonderful scenic drive!A small graveyard stood before you enter the Great Chiricahua Monument. We continued our drive up.There are no words to explain just how beautiful this place is, you must go to understand!IT It was also used for a place to hide for the Apaches, in which the great warrior chief Geronimo hid from the Calvery!